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The Internet Is Calling CPS After This Video Of Waka Flocka & Tammy Rivera's 13-Year-Old Daughter

Do you think the internet is over-reacting or nah?

Through their ups and downs, Waka Flocka and his wife Tammy Rivera have always had the best interest of Tammy’s daughter Charlie in mind.  

As we’ve seen on social media and on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Waka clearly loves Charlie even though she’s not biologically his.

Rivera has no issues showing the world the awesome bond between her daughter and her stepfather on Social Media however a recent video has the internet questioning their parenting skills. 

The swimsuit designer shared a video of Waka Flocka and her 13-year-old daughter dancing to Drake’s “Nice for What” in what appears to be a nightclub or lounge.

Loving the father-daughter moment, Tammy gushed as she captioned it. “Their bond 🔗 poor Charlie don’t even know he’s preparing/ practicing for all her school dances lol.”

Their bond 🔗 poor Charlie don’t even know he’s preparing/ practicing for all her school dances lol

This is father-daughter goals right? 

While many say this as yet another adorable moment for the Flockas, others on the internet quested their parenting skills as they pointed out 13-year-old Charlie being in an environment where liquor/alcohol is served.

“Why is she in there where liquor is being served like why is everyone think it’s ok to raise their child fast like damn you could have rented out [a space] for just her age group smh,” one commenter said.

Another person added: “There’s liquor everywhere.”

This followed asked: “Do we need to call CPS?”

And there were more critiques..

#MeetTheFlockas had such a great time at the #GUHHATL premiere party

Tired of the negativity, Tammy hopped into the comments with a clap back as she wrote: “It was a premier party for a show your grandma [is] on as you can see Charlie has on a wrist band that means she’s a child.”

I tried to get a cute pic but y’all know she be hating on me 😒

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the internet has come for Tammy Rivera’s parenting skills. 

In late September, the 32-year-old was dragged by fans saying her daughter’s clothing was too revealing. 

On “National Daughters Day,” Tammy shared a photo of Charlie wearing a Fashion Nova crop top, with rainbow cargo pants. The caption read, “Happy national daughter day!!! @tammiesangel me and Charlie fit from @fashionnova. ”

Happy national daughter day!!! @tammiesangel me and Charlie fit from @fashionnova
The internet felt the need to let Rivera know that they felt the 13-year-old was inappropriately dressed. 

“I think Tammy is so sweet but I dont agree here my daughter is 22 and I still tell her to watch what she puts out here for these guys you never know what people are thinking when they are looking at your baby girl and I say that with love.”

“How old is she wearing a crop top. My mom would never…”

“Exactly …. theirs a age to be [grown] and a age to be innocent . 13 you just wearing a bra . Why you have to show skin ? You’re a Baby 🍼"

However, the mother of one hit back at naysayers and wrote, “I’m not your mom.”

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