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Court Issues Ruling As Quantasia Sharpton Is Trying To Drag Another Woman Into Usher Herpes Lawsuit Drama

theJasmineBRAND is saying that Usher’s accuser has been shut down in court, with a judge denying her attempt to question another woman the singer allegedly slept with.

Last year, a woman named Quantasia Sharpton (along one other unidentified woman and man) sued Usher, accusing him of exposing them to Herpes and failing to tell them prior to having intimate relations.

For the record, Usher has denied all allegations and said that if he did transmit any STDs it was unintentional. If he had herpes, he didn’t know it at the time. 

The case is still being sorted out in court.

Sharpton filed docs in the case in October, trying to take a deposition of another woman, who is referred to as ‘Jane Doe’, who Usher allegedly had relations with and exposed to Herpes.

The woman filed docs demanding that Sharpton not be allowed to depose her. She accused Sharpton of trying to obtain extremely private and embarrassing information about her bedroom history with Usher.

‘Jane Doe’ said the private information was stolen and leaked to the press without her consent, which lead to Sharpton insisting that the woman be deposed. Jane Doe claimed the information Sharpton was seeking has nothing to do with the current lawsuit against Usher and wanted the judge to order that she did not have to be question by Sharpton in the case.

This month, the judge in the case returned and sided with Jane Doe; he granted Jane Doe’s motion and ordered she would not have to be deposed by Sharpton in the case. 

Quantasia had claimed that she had proof of her story during a podcast interview, saying, "I actually have videos."

The podcast host, Miss Jacob Kohinoor, asked, "So he knew that you were recording him. 

"Yeah," Sharpton replied.


"I find that hard to believe, but girl if you say yeah," Kohinoor continued. "He knew that you was recording him doing [intimate] [expletive] on video?" "Yes," Quantasia replied. 

The host was in disbelief, stating, "Girl stop, Usher? Are you serious?" 

Sharpton had responded, "Dead [expletive] serious. That's what I keep saying. People lie, but video don't."

#QuantasiaSharpton, who does not have but is accusing #Usher of trying to give her herpes, has come forward with new revelations regarding her case. _________________________________ 

She stated that the singer asked for her phone number, later calling her from a blocked number and came to her hotel room. Usher allegedly got intimate with her and she never heard from him again. 

Sharpton claimed that she has tested negative for herpes, but added that she certainly wouldn't have had slept with him if she had known he was infected with the STD.

Fameolous once reported that a woman claiming to be Quantasia's mother has reached out to apologize for her daughter's 'lies' about Usher. 

"I'm sorry I started to talk about my daughter but this has just been a little to [sic] much for me. I want to say to Mr. Usher how sorry I am and if there [is] anything I could tell him to help him I will be glad to."

She added, "I know my child and know what she about and a liner [sic] is one of them."

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