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Usher Herpes Accuser Laura Helm Is Now Suing Insurance Company For Releasing Her Medical Records

Laura Helm, one of the women who filed a lawsuit against Usher for allegedly giving her herpes, is now suing an insurance company for leaking her private information.

Helm’s original case was dismissed several few months ago after it was revealed that she may have been lying about having unprotected sex with the R&B singer. 

Her case against Usher fell apart after an incriminating audio tape surfaced, where she admitted the singer used a condom during their sexual trysts.

In a taped phone call with her publicist, Dennis Byron, she stated that she never had unprotected sex with the singer. Her comments came just two days before she filed a second lawsuit. 

Helm stated she had no plans to sue Usher because she wasn't worried about contracting herpes.

#PlotTwist: The circus show act that is #Usher and his herpes accusers, just took another turn. The New Orleans singer suing Usher for herpes just changed her lawsuit. Laura now says she only had PROTECTED sex with Usher. (deets on site

After the leak of the tape, Laura's attorney immediately withdrew from the case. She hired a new attorney, who also filed to dismiss the case.

#Usher's accuser #LauraHelm is clapping back at the R&B crooner. 

Laura is now trying to get her hands on some money by going after the insurance company. 

Helm is preparing to file a lawsuit against three medical insurance companies. 

She claims that United Healthcare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Louisiana and Golden Rule Insurance Company all "revealed her private sensitive health information."

Laura says that after she filed a lawsuit against Usher on July 31, 2017, that an insurance broker took screenshots of her medical records and shared them with a blog.

In addition to the insurance companies, Laura is also going after the unidentified blog that published the documents in August. 

She also alleges that the blog defamed her character by insisting she "committed insurance fraud."

Written by Brina Renee :: One of the women alleging that #Usher gave her an #STD, has revealed her identity, providing graphic alleged details. According to reports “Jane Doe,” the woman who filed a $20 million lawsuit against Usher accusing him of giving her Herpes, is a woman named #LauraHelm. Her identity was revealed in #court documents filed this week, by her attorney Lisa Westrevealed. Helm explains why she initially hid her identity, stating it was "to protect her privacy and identity as she is an adult female who has sustained, and is sustaining, damages of a sensitive, humiliating and embarrassing nature inflicted by the Defendant." She alleges that she was not infected with Herpes Simplex 2 before her two sexual encounters with Usher and that after seeing reports about the $1.1 million settlement he paid to other women, she went to the doctor and tested positive for the #STD. In the docs, she claimed she and Usher had sex, in #Atlanta on April 16, 2017 and in #NewOrleans on April 28, 2017. After a lengthy friendship, at her home in Atlanta they "began engaging in intimate sexual relations, including skin to skin contact and after Defendant put..." More details on

Usher previously responded to Helms' lawsuit in a statement. 

The "U Got It Bad" singer said that Laura assumed the risk when she decided to have sex with him. 

He stated: "With a one in six chance that any given partner could have genital herpes, [she] assumed the risk of contracting an STD each and every time she chose to have unprotected sex with a casual, consensual partner."

Laura initially requested $10 million in the herpes lawsuit against Usher. She later upped that amount to $20 million, after she tested positive for Herpes Simplex 2 back in July. 

In court documents, Laura claimed she suffered "extreme and debilitating mental, emotional and physical distress and anguish, humiliation and embarrassment" as a result of the herpes diagnosis.

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