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Shaunie O'Neal's Reaction To Learning The Rumor Evelyn Slept With Her Ex Will Just Make You Sad

Guess that is what brings in the money though. 

Shaunie O’Neal usually just tries try to bring the ladies of Basketball Wives but after learning that they have all been muttering about her, she doesn’t know who or what to believe.

If you tuned into Basketball Wives Monday night, then you no doubt saw the moment that Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman faced off over a year-old rumor about Evelyn Lozada doing something super shady to her bff Shaunie..

Well, what is this rumor that has Jackie crying, Malaysia deflecting and Kristen so confused? Um, it’s not all that shocking to us, actually?

It is that allegedly Evelyn slept with Shaunie’s ex. Everyone is tied up in this because (at least according to Tami), Jennifer brought it up during her five year feud with Ev. Jenn says that Tami asked her about it though, if that makes a difference.

Apparently, the real problem is that everyone knew about this (except Shaunie and Evelyn), but no one knows where the story came from, nor bothered to bring it up. Now Shaunie is trying to figure out if one of her oldest friends had some sort of relationship with her ex…and why everyone knew about this rumor but didn’t pull her aside to bridge the subject with her over the past year.

She isn’t happy and feeling overwhelmed and took to Twitter to express her views.

“Damn who is my friend? #Basketballwives,” she tweeted. 

She also responded to a person who claimed that whole scenario was “staged”, saying, “Not at all..... this has been the toughest season to date to film.” 

Evelyn has since reacted on Twitter as well as she’s blasting Tami for being “evil” and trying to ruin her friendship.

Do you think the rumor is true and Evelyn actually did it?

Obviously, we must point out that Evelyn also got into bed with Tami’s husband, Kenny Anderson, way back when. (They were separated though). This move ultimately caused Tami to get physical after hearing the news, with Evelyn then declaring that Tami was a “non-factor.”

“Well, you know, when you think you’re friends with somebody and you then find out they’ve slept with your ex-husband without telling you over a six month period, I think that’s when they can have one straight to the dome. And I didn’t feel any ways about giving it.”

But, as Evelyn once noted on Twitter, "She filed in 98 I messed with dude in 1999 #TryAgain."

Basketball Wives airs on Mondays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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