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Tyson Beckford Dragged Kim Kardashian For No Reason & She Claps All The Way Back — Receipts Inside

Kim Kardashian West seems to think she is a clap-back queen.

Is she really though? Eh.

Well, the reality star quickly hopped into a popular blog's Instagram comments to unleash a fiery wrath at supermodel Tyson Beckford.

It all began after a picture of Kim wearing skin-tight black velour leggings and a tiny crop top walking to the studio of Jimmy Kimmel Live! hit the Internet.

When The Shade Room reposted the picture, Tyson chimed in saying "Sorry I don't care for it personally," he replied upon being asked about her outfit.

Big deal? Nope. But then Tyson followed it up with something a bit more (arguably) offensive.

"She is not real, doctor [expletive] up on her right hip."

Kim clapped back and insinuated that he not straight as she wrote, "Sis we all know why you don't care for it," followed by a coffee cup, frog and nail polish emojis.

#ClapbackSeason 👏🏽: #KimKardashian #SteppedIntoTheShadeRoom and she did NOT come to play! 😩😩😭 #PettyWap
Uh, really? 

The Internet then bashed both celebs for their comments.

One person explained, “But ain’t her step daddy a “sis” now? But quick to use it as an insult…she needs to clap back at her plastic surgeon cause that was weak. Next!! Correct the right side messed up looking. Ain’t sis married to a man who likes fingers up in and around his booty as Amber Rose said.”

Another stated: “If anyone knew a sis it would be her … Ok, so I see a weird bulge in her front groin area like she got extra thigh meat lol. Made me zoom in. Anyone know what’s going on there? and if anyone would know what a real body looks like it would his naturally majestic looking self.”

A third shared, “I promise this is the biggest clap back of 2018. Kanye turned Kim into a str8 savage. All of you hurt the man feelings, now he posting hella guns on his story to hide the pain. But nobody going to point out the fact that he body shamed her right???”

Other thoughts included; “I know mad MEN who don’t care for her or her used tires. All of you praising a 40-year-old woman who acts like a 15-year-old behind a keyboard. Blah. How tf is calling, him sister a clap. Bro let’s ignore that her hip never mind the plastic.”

Do you think that Kim is just doing and saying everything she can to catch attention? Maybe. And was Tyson insulting her body or just her obsession with cosmetic procedures? 

Oh and Kim is also underfire for her response to her sisters telling her she looked very thin on-air (she thanked them). 

What do you think?

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