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Tyson Beckford Just WENT IN on Chris Brown; See Why He Has 'No Respect' For Singer!

Tyson Beckford is not playing nice these days. And we are totally okay with that.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the model opened up about his well-documented feud with noted terrible person Chris Brown. Maybe “threw some metaphorical punches” would be a more apt summary actually. Because he is clearly not one to mince words when it comes to Mr. Brown.

When asked what would happen if he and Chris ended up in the same elevator (Andy Cohen is sort of a gossip genius, isn’t he?), Tyson quipped, “It still don’t got no respect for dude […] one of us is coming out alive, and it’s me.” 

Haha. He really has a way with words. No joke, that type of statement is perfect for evoking a response out of his nemesis, Chrissy Chris. 

Not only does it state that his feelings about Chris, it also implies that Chris is weak. And Chris has been pretty sensitive about insults surrounding his “strength”. Remember all that boxing match nonsense with Soulja Boy? Just to recap, it ended up not happening, much to the chagrin of Soulja Boy, who maintains that Chris wimped out at the last minute. But Chris had no qualms about bragging about his fighting abilities before that plot twist.

That’s not all though. He also took a stab at Chris’ sobriety claims, which, let’s be honest, most people were probably rolling their eyes at anyway. 

“I feel bad for him…I think he really needs to check himself”, Tyson mused before adding that Chris’ rumored drug addiction is “probably out of his control”. Oof. 

No comment. Okay, just one comment…we can’t wait to hear Chris’ response. Because you know one is coming.

On a fluffier note, let’s take a look back at Tyson’s steamy stripping session from last year.

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