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Judge Issues Ruling In Custody Battle Between Tyrese & Norma Gibson Over 10-Year-Old Daughter Shayla

Tyrese Gibson and his ex-wife Norma are still fighting over their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla.

He recently filed documents requesting primary custody of Shayla, as he plans to move her with him to Atlanta, where she will live alongside his wife Samantha and their upcoming bundle of joy. And now there is another heavy helping of nonsense to heap on.

The Blast says that Tyrese’s legal team rushed to the court Tuesday Morning to prevent Norma from taking Shayla to Israel. His attorneys argued that in light of recent events—mainly the relocation of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem—it is not a safe place to be and that there is no pressing reason why they have to go now.

Norma appeared in court for the emergency hearing, hoping the judge would allow her to take her daughter to Israel. However, the judge not only granted the request but also ruled that Norma must hand over Shayla’s passport, which means that the child cannot leave the country at all.

Um. Some sources are whispering that Tyrese’s recent legal moves may have led Norma to try to plan this little trip with their child. But it’s entirely possible that Norma—who is both American and Israeli in heritage—simply wanted to take Shayla to visit family or learn more about the culture.

Who knows?

So, back to the Atlanta plan…

TMZ says that documents state that the actor will provide a “stable and loving” environment for Shayla in his 23,000 sq. ft home in Atlanta in an “affluent and safe neighborhood.” Shayla already has her own room all done up and decorated and she made plenty of friends when she was in the ATL last year.

Other pulls include a top-notch private school, less paparazzi and the fact that the 9th installment of the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies will be shot there.

According to Tyrese, there have been at least 2 incidents in the last year when Shayla was ill and Norma allegedly only contacted him to get insurance information, while refusing to fill him in on what was going on.

Super cold.

The pair were awarded 50-50 custody of Shayla back in September, after a very public, very messy back-and-forth battle. At one point, there were some abuse claims in the mix.

Tyrese celebrated this win in a very on-brand way; a super lengthy social media post.

#Papz got us #DaddyDaughterSeason #UAE and #AFRICA I’m on my way! Friday was not a win for me, it is a win for our daughter, Shayla. Who unfortunately has been exposed to tension, private and public embarrassment and growing up and feeling torn between 2 parents who are no longer married...... It is a win because she gets to spend equal time with both of her parents in joint legal custody while she continues to grow in a happy and healthy environment – this has always been and will continue to be my priority.

Tyrese’s victory in stopping the summer trip to Israel is short-lived according to The Blast. 

On Thursday morning, Norma Gibson when back to court and argued that their daughter was only on summer break had officially started and it only lasts for 12 weeks. The judge has decided to allow the trip to Israel during Norma’s allotted summer vacation time with 10-year-old Shayla. 

The last provision is Shayla’s passport must be surrendered back to the court at the conclusion of the trip.  

The judge refused to get involved in the modification of when each parent gets Shayla during the summer break and strongly encourage Tyrese and Norma to work that our among themselves. 

So, do you think the Judge’s modified decision was the right call? 

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