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Tyrese Called Out For Lying On Social Media Again As He Says “Four Brothers” Sequel On The Way

Tyrese is just out there, being Tyrese.

You ready for the latest announcement? 

Tyrese recently took to Instagram to share some supposed career updates.

"Paramount has officially greenlit a sequel to Four Brothers ( no lies here lol )..... it’s all over the net the script is almost done to the sequel and it’s magic- Gonna be cool as hell just getting back with the crew." 

#Tyrese says a Four Brothers sequel has been greenlit

He then posted a screenshot of an article about the sequel from The Hollywood Reporter.

However, the write-up is super old. It seems to have been published on January 13, 2007. So…we don’t know.

To be fair, he captioned this, “Time flys when you’re having fun......”.

The original was released in 2005. The crime film, which was directed by John Singleton, starred Mark Wahlberg, Andre 3000, Garrett Hedlund and our favorite drama-monger.

People keep joking that he is “pulling a Bow Wow”. Shad posted a stock photo of a jet, bragging about private flights and was captured on…a normal one.

That is still one of our all-time favorite stories, because it was just so unnecessary. Plus, it sparked the #BowWowChallenge on social media, which cracks us up to this day.

The other day, Tyrese actually posted some “clarifications”, saying that his wife wasn’t actually pregnant
He wrote, “My wife is NOT pregnant and never was (those meds had me on one) I owe no one any money on any level matter of fact I just took care of both of my lawyers fully 108k for my lawyer and almst 20k for Shaylas lawyer”.

He also honed in on his claims that Will & Jada Smith were helping him out with some cash (they have already said they weren’t).

Tyrese says #WillSmith & his wife #JadaPinkettSmith gave him $5million to help keep him afloat. 

"I've already mentioned that there was a few talks with the Smiths and those meds made me jump out there and speak on monies that never came in," he had explained. "I've already again apologized to them privately and publicly for everything."
TSRClearTheAir: #Tyrese takes this opportunity to clear the air about some past rants and rumors 👀
His medication issues may not be totally sorted out, hm? Or maybe he is just playing around. The man sure likes to kid around with questionable jokes.

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