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Tyrese Takes Custody War Against Ex-Wife Over 10-Year-Old Daughter To New Heights

Well, this is going to be a disaster. But maybe everyone in the situation has calmed down quite a bit since last year?

Tyrese Gibson has filed documents requesting primary custody of his 10-year-old daughter, Shayla, because he plans to move her with him to Atlanta.

He and his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, have had shared custody up to this point, but he says Norma is keeping his time with Shayla to a minimum. For a bit of context, she accused him of beating Shayla at one point and the ensuing legal battle was utterly nuts.

TMZ is now reporting that documents claim that the actor will provide a “stable and loving” environment for Shayla in his 23,000 sq. ft home in Atlanta, which he points out is in an “affluent and safe neighborhood.” Shayla apparently already has her own room decorated in her favorite colors and she made plenty of pals when she was there last year.

Beyond that, he insists that she will attend a top-notch private school there! Oh and he believes there will be less media scrutiny overall and the 9th installment of the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies will be shot there.

Why now? He says he is fed up with being cut out of Shayla’s life.

According to him, there have been at least 2 incidents in the last year when Shayla was ill, once with flu, and Norma allegedly only contacted him to get insurance information and refused to fill him in on any other details.

Yikes. Right after the custody battle ended, she blasted him for canceling visits with their daughter out of nowhere. 

So, do you think that Norma will go for this? We sort of doubt it. 

"Don’t take my baby please, don’t take my baby," Tyrese once begged while breaking down on-camera last fall. "This is all I got, this is all I got, this is all I got. Don't take my baby, OK? I’ve been away from my baby for two months. I just want my baby and no one’s listening because no one is in the court room."

Roommates let's take a moment and just pray for #Tyrese! The actor is no doubt going through a lot and it looks like his legal battle to see his daughter is starting to take a toll on him.

He later addressed this, explaining, “Contrary to what some of y'all may believe, I'm actually OK. And I'm not putting this up to calm people down. If people are having conversations about what's going on in my personal life … my private life has always been private. Do your research. Anybody who's ever been in my life will tell you, I've never seen him cry that way, I've never seen him have a meltdown."

#TSRClearTheAir: #Tyrese takes this opportunity to clear the air about some past rants and rumors 👀

Tyrese seems to have since sorted out his medication issues, which is nice. 

He is expecting a baby with new wife Samantha soon! For real this time.
It’s not a rumor....... So proud to share the news! I will never forget when my wife told me these words..... “Take my hand and never let go, I will love you and stand with you through thick and thin from my heart, our love will inspire others to lovers to love deeper... Take my hand and where ever you lead me I will follow you around the world”.. -Samantha Gibson I love you too.......... Truly.. I guess the world knows now.......

Regardless of anything else going on, we sincerely hope that Shayla is always in a safe and happy home!

Do you think Tyrese should have primary custody?

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