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Ginuwine Refused To Kiss A Transgender Woman On UK's "Celebrity Big Brother" And Now The Internet Is At War — Video

Ginuwine, who currently stars on UK's "Celebrity Big Brother", found himself embroiled in controversy (and a trending topic on Twitter) after stating he would not date a transgender woman. 

During a recent episode of "CBB", Ginuwine was put into an uncomfortable situation when his co-star India Willoughby went in for a smooch. The R&B singer found himself labeled transphobic by many fans after the show aired. 

Ginuwine was asked by his transgender castmate, Willoughby, if he would date a transwoman. 

"You would date me, yeah?," Willoughby asked. "Not if you were trans," Ginuwine replied. 

The "Pony singer said, "I believe it's your choice and I would choose not to." 

India then asked, "You’d go out with a woman but not a transgender woman?" to which Ginuwine responded, "No."

Addressing her fellow housemates, India stated, "The fact Ginuwine here is happy to go with women, but wouldn’t feel comfortable going with me.... If you're in my situation trying to date, there's an extremely narrow view. I’ve tried. Guys have chatted me up without knowing my past but when they find out they go 'woah.'"

Willoughby turned to Ginuwine to say, "I’m a woman, so you would date me then. Let's have a kiss."

Check out the video below:

Ginuwine shut down the kiss and India said, "I think all the unspoken things going on there illustrate my case one hundred per cent."

The singer certainly wasn't disrespectful during the tense conversation, but some people in the trans community thought differently.

Fans weighed in with their thoughts on Twitter. Some showed support for Ginuwine being put in the uncomfortable situation, stating he should date who he pleases:

One fan pointed out, "Multiple Hollywood elites were called out for forcing themselves on peoples in a sexual manner. It interesting now that the same peoples dragging Harvey Weinstein are now mad at ginuwine for not kissing somebody he did not feel comfortable kissing."

Others suggested Ginuwine is transphobic:

Another person adds, "The [expletive] between India and Ginuwine IS transphobia & im tired of them saying that it isn’t. If you say you won’t date someone because they’re trans but you would date them if you didn’t know, IT IS TRANSPHOBIA."

Do you believe Ginuwine was unfairly branded transphobic?

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