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Tristan Thompson's Dad Speaks On Son's Cheating Scandal + Threatens To Expose Khloé And The Kardashians

Tristan Thompson’s father sure like to chime in on what his son is up to. Which is his right, we guess?

The NBA star’s dad, Trevor Thompson, ripped into the Cleveland Cavaliers player amid his cheating scandal which kicked up after he was caught on-camera stepping out on his then-very pregnant girlfriend multiple times. 

Trevor even shared that he is thinking about writing a tell-all on the Kardashian family, also revealing that Tristan’s behavior has not surprised him one bit.

“I have a big, big story about what happened,” Trevor said on Monday. “I can write a book about what happened.”

If he does decide to go forward with this, it will be “really good and sad.”

In a second interview, he claimed that he’s convinced his estranged relationship with his son is what caused the Cleveland Cavaliers player’s personal life to take a plunge. 

Um, okay?

“Tristan needs to communicate with his father, so he can be a better person to me and to others,” he stated. “If Tristan was communicating with me, these problems would not happen.”

Trevor also noted that fans couldn’t help but bring up Jordan Craig, Tristan’s ex-girlfriend (and class act) who was apparently in her third trimester when Tristan left her before going public with a new relationship with Khloé in 2016.

Tristan never responded to his father’s comments. However, he is facing heat from some folks right now, so maybe he is a bit busy dealing with that. He was booed at the Cavaliers’ first home game, the day after the story made the media rounds and he received more than 270,000 hate comments from Kardashian supporters over the weekend.

Anyway, who even knows whether or not Tristan cares what everyone thinks?

Trevor previously took Tristan to task, accusing him of choosing one child over another, allegedly commenting on a photo that Jordan posted. 

“Tristan act like he does not have a father…. what gos around comes right back around…. watch and see he’s a want to be a man….LOL Tristan only listen to his self and mother what a joke they don’t know any better…. lol sad sad sad shame on them time will tell watch and see.

“There’s nothing like having a father in your life for guidance…. I give thanks each and every day for my DAD whò knows what time a day it is ….. Tristan dose not respect his last name Thompson because he is $85 million stupid.”

“Khloe has a boy and a baby too raise…LOL.”

Some are claiming that she has a flimsy reason for giving her man a second chance. It is really a, uhhh, doozy.

"Khloé is feeling nothing but happiness right now," a disher told PEOPLE. "She is head over heels in love with her little girl — she is just consumed with love. Absolutely nothing else matters."

"She's so incredibly happy that her baby is here, that she is big and strong and healthy and beautiful, and so right now Khloé truly has no other cares in the world," they shared. "She isn't even mad at Tristan right now... She's basically already forgiven him."
Khloé allegedly does not classify the athlete's actions as "cheating," but rather "just a random drunken hookup that meant nothing and was kissing at most and didn't lead to anything else." 

Oh and it is all "the fault of stupid groupies trying to trap him."

And apparently everyone just "needs to move on."

Whatever floats your boat, Khloé.

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