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Tristan Thompson’s Ex Comes For Khloé Kardashian After The NBA Baller Shares 1st Family Photos With Both Of His Kids

Sounds like it’s still a little bit of a mess over in Kardashian Land.

Tristan Thompson's former girlfriend, Jordan Craig, is reportedly furious over the Cleveland Cavaliers forward's decision to share a photo of their son Prince and his daughter True on Instagram.

Craig believes the photo is all for publicity and blames Khloe for being behind the photo.

The 27-year-old basketball star shared the first photo of himself with his 18-month-old son Prince, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig, as well as 10-week-old daughter True, whom he welcomed on April 12 with girlfriend Khloe Kardashian.

See the adorable photo below:

Fans loved the adorable photo, but Tristan's former fiancée is angry seeing her ex and Khloe playing happy family with her son.

Craig is also upset because she has tried to shield her son from being in the public eye.  

An insider shared, "Jordy is taking the high road and is not going to throw shade on Tristan publicly but she’s super pissed about this opens a new window."

The source adds, "She feels like he used their son for a publicity stunt and she’s convinced Khloe is to blame."

Craig was pregnant with their son when Tristan began dating the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star in 2016. 

The Instagram model wants Prince to have a relationship with his father, but doesn't want Khloe in the picture.

The insider dished, "Jordy’s happy Tristan’s promised to spend more time with Prince but she’s not so happy about Khloe being a part of her son’s life, that’s still a very hard pill to swallow."

Jordan may have remained silent about the photos of her son with his father and step-sister, but her family members are speaking out for her!

Craig's cousin spoke out on social media, bashing Tristan for sharing the photo.

The alleged cousin, Tamantha, took to Instagram to write, "Even though Jordan has asked all her family and friends to not say anything publicly about this whole situation, I'm making it my business too. I'm disappointed to see that Tristan and Khloe have decided to use Prince (my cousin) as a pawn...for some type of publicity stunt/image cleaner. I'm all for Tristan finally getting to know his son, but this is completely going about it the wrong way. For the sake of Prince, I'm going to pray that his father will actually try to create a real bond with his son...not just one for Instagram photos/media attention. Jordan, I hope you aren't upset for me posting but he's my cousin and I'm certainly not here for this fake poppy show nonsense."

Thompson and Kardashian reconciled following his cheating scandal while she was pregnant with their daughter, True. 

Khloe decided to stick by Tristan's side even after he cheated on her throughout her pregnancy. A source says things are "really great" with the couple's relationship at this time.
Khloé and Tristan leaving Joey in LA - 20th June 2018 Credit: Just Jared #khloekardashian #tristanthompson
The insider stated, "They act the same way they did on their last trip to L.A. before True was born. They both seem happy about being there."

Kardashian's decision to take her cheating baby daddy back following the cheating scandal didn't go over well with her family. However, an insider revealed they still respect her decision. 

💕Baby True 💕

The source said, "Everyone knows Khloe plans on staying with Tristan, so things have been civil so far. They still have opinions about Tristan’s bad behavior, of course, but no one wants to upset Khloe."
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