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New Reports Reveal That Tristan Thompson Is Still Cheating On Girlfriend/Baby Mama Khloé Kardashian Amid Scandal

Tristan Thompson is fine with his life choices. 

The NBA player is allegedly in contact with Lani Blair, one of the many, many women he was unfaithful to Khloé Kardashian with. Um, was he ever not though?

In Touch Weekly claims that Lani wants to be friends with Tristan, in spite of all of the negative media attention she has received due to the cheating scandal; he was, of course, spotted stepping out on the reality star quite a few times, not long before she gave birth to their daughter, True.

Uhhhh. Okay then.

She supposedly wants to head to his basketball games in Cleveland, donning his jersey, to support him and the rest of the Cavaliers during the Eastern Conference Finals.


“They’re friends and she wants to be there for him in a friendship type of way,” the insider explained.

She is still “very much attracted” to Tristan but is willing to push her feelings away, out of respect for Khloé and their family.

Oh and the Inquisitr is saying that the vixen recently called up Khloé, in order to apologize to her. This supposedly went about as well as you’d guess and Khloé seems to have hung up, prompting Lani to instead leave a message.

Messy, messy, messy. Yikes.

It was previously reported that Lani was none too happy about Khloé and Tristan seemingly reconciling.

"Tristan always told her that she meant a lot to him and they had a deal that he would take care of her as long as she kept their encounters secret and she stayed out of the limelight, and Lani definitely held up her end of the bargain."

"Lani and her Startenders associates (group of former Starlet’s bartenders, including Bernice Burgos) always had a strict code that they don’t tell any of their business about their dealings with athletes and rappers."

"Lani was part of a group of women who thrived off of anonymity, and that was one of the reasons Tristan was drawn to Lani and also what made his escapades with her so fun. It was the fact that he knew she’d be super low-key about what they were doing, and the fact that she was relatively unknown to the general public, it made everything easier. It wasn’t until he was followed and spotted in the club and the hotel that his entire jig was up.”

Oh and a source already dished about her take on his behavior, saying, "So to see him spending time with Khloé was shocking to Lani because he doesn’t spend much time with Jordan (Craig), and the fact that Khloé would go support Tristan at his game only means that they’re working things out and there are deeper feelings among them."


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