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Report: Trey Songz Accused Of Attacking Woman At A Philly Strip Club

Trey Songz is in the midst of another sticky legal mess. 2017 has turned into a pile of money for his lawyers, we guess.

A female fan is claiming that he put his hands on her for snapping a photo of him. She says she was left with a broken pair of glasses? Oh boy.

TMZ is reporting that the lawsuit names Trey for the alleged assault that took place in a Philadelphia strip club, Vanity Grand Cabaret. 

The unnamed woman insists she purchased tickets to meet with him in the venue’s VIP section…which supposedly never happened due to his “belligerent” attitude, which put a damper on the event (and it “seemed to linger on” throughout the night).

Later on, the woman alleges that she caught up with him in the club’s parking lot before attempting to take a shot of him. He was apparently not having this. Which, honestly, we kind of understand in theory, maybe?
She has stated that he then smacked the phone from her hand, which smashed her glasses after it landed in her face. 



Well, she is now suing both Trey and the venue. The woman feels that the spot was well aware of the crooner’s tendency “toward violence and negative interaction with the public”; it will subsequently be named in the lawsuit as well.

While Trey’s team has yet to respond to the allegations, she’ll reportedly be suing for $50,000 maximum in the lawsuit.  

Speaking of his legal woes, he also pled guilty in another case earlier this year, after throwing an odd tantrum over being told that he had to wrap up his set.

He became enraged when authorities said his concert needed to end back in December 2016. He may have thrown microphones and speakers from the stage; a police officer was reportedly assaulted at some point.  His charges were reduced to two counts of disturbing the peace, but he had been handed 18 months probation, it seems. 

So…what do we all think? Is this the singer for task for not being able to control him temper and his actions or is this a shameless money grab from another overzealous fan?

A little of each, perhaps?

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