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WATCH: Woman Who Alleged Trey Songz Beat Her Up For Talking To Another Man Describes The Attack In Press Conference

The woman that has accused Trey Songz of beating out of jealousy at a party has come forward with her story. Andrea Buera claimed in a press conference that the singer hit her so hard that she vomited and had a concussion.  

Andrea stated that she had been friends with Trey for years, but he became enraged when he saw her chatting up another man at the bash. 

Buera spoke publicly about the alleged incident for the first time in a press conference with her attorney, Lisa Bloom. 

The celebrity attorney added they've not filed a civil suit but it is possible.

Buera went to the hospital and claimed she had a concussion, along with bruises to her face, arm, and back. 

In her message to Songz, Buera said, "You know what you did, and you know what you did was wrong. To those of you who stood and watched and did nothing, you know what he did was wrong, too. Trey, I’d like an apology."

Songz is being accused of hiring an investigator who is harassing Andrea's family, according to her lawyer.

In describing the incident, Buera stated:

"I was attending an after party when Trey began yelling at me, choking me, punching me and ultimately he knocked me to the ground. While I was on the ground he continued punching me and he did not stop until his security guard pulled him off of me. People stood and watched as some scurried away. When I called an Uber, he threw both of my phones over the cliff. I was crying, terrified, in shock and I just wanted to go home."

She continued, "I had to go to the hospital because he hit me so hard that I had a concussion and was throwing up from the migraines. By the next day, I had bruises on my face, body and neck that only continued to get darker. I have been emotional, embarrassed, in and out of cry spells, afraid and have had a difficult time coping."

During the press conference, Buera explained why she felt the need to step forward.

She said, "The most difficult part about this, above the physical and emotional injuries, has been having to explain this to my seven-year-old daughter. I’ve opted in to doing this press conference today because I’d like to stand up for myself as the victim of a crime, as a woman and as a mother."

Andrea adds, "Trey, you know what you did. And you know what you did was wrong. To those of you who stood and watched and did nothing, you know what you did was wrong too. Trey, I’d like an apology. I’d like you to get help and although I’m not your first victim but I’d like to be your last."

Earlier this month Buera was granted a temporary restraining order against the singer. 

She filed a police report following the incident in which she claims she was choked and punched by the singer.

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