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Toya Wright's Parenting Skills Get Dragged By The Internet Following Reginae's 'Uncomfortable' Viral Video

Uh, Toya’s busy right now.

She seems to have been enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Greece with Robert Rushing (the father of her 2nd child). Who, um, might now be her husband? Anyway… 

Well, plenty of fans had something to say about her daughter, Reginae Carter, choosing to share an arguably inappropriate moment with the world.

Recently, Nae Nae and her much older boyfriend YFN Lucci were on her Instagram Live when the rapper was behind her whispering, “Oh, let me get behind it.” 

The college freshman then clapped her hands as she sung her father Lil Wayne’s song “Dark Side of The Moon” from the Carter V album. 

Lucci leans back and begins to lift up her dress and slap her bottom repeatedly.

People were not pleased that this transpired with Toya on vacay and they made sure to call Toya out in the comments section.
When in Greece....#TogaParty #frimaly ❤️

One told Toya to “Be a mother to your child. If I caught my child getting their butt cheeks smacked in such a way on IG live, I’d be parent powers smacking the cheeks on my daughter’s face until they were barbecue sauce red.”.

Another responded, stating, “Nae is young and living life to the fullest she’s going to make mistakes and learn from them I’m just saying.”

A different commenter chimed in too, explaining, “when you post you have to be mindful of your image you are trying to uphold she is a young adult not grown, she still needs guidance she still needs someone to tell her to slow down. Her mom is ignoring this [expletive] keep it. 💯💯”.

One commenter told Toya, “Since u so protective over ya “Nae Nae” why tf she all over MTO and Worldstar getting her [butt] smacked…Me and wayne the same age I be got mf damn my daughter be doing some [ish] like that.”

I heard i missed #nationaldaughtersday I love my girls @colormenae @reign_beaux #myeverything 💕

Do you think that the Internet is overreacting? Or does Reginae need to reassess her choices?

She has previously opened up about life and love in the public eye, explaining, "I remember my first time that The Shade Room ever posted something of me and my relationship with my ex. Like the girl, I DMed her or whatever and she posted [it]. She sent it to The Shade Room, and it was everywhere."

"I have a friend, but you know, no one would ever know about him because, with my last relationship, I felt like once you put something out into the world, that is when people start to have ulterior motives,” she continued. "I got played twice, when I turned sixteen by my best friend, and I started meeting some opportunists and people that wear masks. That taught me to really not let no one in, cuz they were my real close friends."


In any case, Toya may have just tied the knot with the father of her adorable baby, so maybe give her some slack? She’s probably too busy basking in the just-married glow (and enjoying the festivities) to reign in (puns!) her older daughter. 


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