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Joseline Hernandez Goes Instagram Official With Her New Boyfriend & The Internet Roasting Her To Pieces

In my Aunt’s voice: “Joseline, baby girl...what is you doin...?”

The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star shared a NSFW photo with singer Tory Lanez that had the internet confused. 

She is no stranger when it comes to wearing next to nothing in public, on and off stage, as well as in front of the camera.

Joseline controversial post had people wondering if she has a new man in her life but a second photo she posted with the Toronto singer pretty much confirms it. 

Hernandez’s photos featuring the two sparked claims from the internet that she’s trying to make ex-fiancé Stevie J. jealous and doing a poor job at doing it. 

The first photo shows Lanez cupping her bare chest with his hands as she sits between his legz. The “Say It” artist is grinning from ear to ear what the barely-clothed Hernandez sat by the poolside.

The Puerto Rican Princess captioned the racy image, “Lil pool thang! @torylanez!”

While the first photo was a risqué all signs in the second picture point to a romantic bond between the two.

The 31-year-old sat with Lanez outside as they sipped from wine glasses. 

The two are seen laughing while another sentiment is displayed within the caption. Hernandez wrote, "Have an amazing tour Lion king! 21 days 😪😪😪." 

Whatever is going on between them, they seem to definitely be enjoying each other's company.

You would think people would be happy for Joseline but the Internet thinks it’s a weak attempt to get back at Stevie J. 

“Stevie don’t want you anymore,” someone said in the comments. 

“See thats why Stevie left your behind alone,” another person shared.

“Whoever thinks Stevie is gonna be mad or jealous is delusional and young minded this is definitely nothing u wife… Stevie have the prize,” another fan added.

“Stevie done moved on sis, let it go with tryna piss him of, apparently he’s occupied .. Just ask Mona Scott for ur job back smh.”

“Anything to try to make Steebie mad huh sis? Pathetic.”

“Stevie not mad he married Faith he moved unlike Jos he’s a husband father / family man it’s a good look all the way around for him,” said an Instagram user.

Joseline and Stevie J broke up for the finally time in December 2016, just days before she gave birth to their daughter Bonnie Bella. 

Unfortunately, the ex-couple continue to struggle with effective co-parenting.

The reality star says Stevie hasn’t seen their daughter in 5 months. 

In a recent sit-down with Bossip, Joseline Hernandez talked about when she got pregnant, saying: “You guys to realize that I have never had my baby for anyone other than myself. Because when I got pregnant, I was separated; I was all by myself; I was a single woman. I accepted and took care of my responsibility without a problem. And I took it upon myself to make sure everything that I did moving forward at that time was the best providing, no matter who was there. At the end of the day, I was going to make sure she was always good.”

What do you think about Joseline and Tory Lanez?

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