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Too Short Responds To Rape Accuser's Allegations With Racy Text Messages That Show They Were Dating

Todd Shaw, better known as Too Short, was sued for sexual battery by a woman named Teana Louis.

The rapper has hit back by providing sexually explicit texts from Teana, which he claims prove they were in a relationship.

The rapper's legal team filed documents on Wednesday that claim Teana, who goes by the professional name of Lou Ana, "sexually pursued" Too Short. The text messages allegedly prove that she was dating the rapper and that there was no rape.

The texts include Teana calling herself his wife and telling Too Short she loves him.

TMZ, who obtained the newly filed documents, revealed Teana referred to the rapper's eggplant in the texts, saying she could see it through his pants. There were other suggestive texts, which are too graphic to report.

Short's lawyers, Rob Reichman and Sean Macias, have stated that Teana has no evidence to back up her sexual assault allegations, claiming she filed the lawsuit harass their client. 

Teana filed the lawsuit in January, claiming the rapper sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions between June and October of 2016.

In the court documents, she stated the attacks included forced oral sex, vaginal sex and sodomy.

Louis stated that she met Too Short in December 2015, and they produced a song together in April 2016.

She said the first alleged assault occurred in June, when they went to a hotel room in downtown Los Angeles. She claimed he pinned her down to the bed and performed oral sex on her. 

Louis claims he assaulted her on multiple occasions in the recording studio and hotel rooms between June and October. 

She is also suing Shaw for sexual harassment, gender violence, gender discrimination, and false imprisonment. 

Too Short spoke about the lawsuit to TMZ, saying, "The way I feel man, this is blatant, outright extortion. I'm being extorted. It's not a criminal case, it's something that stems from over a year a go. It's a lie man. It could only be extortion. It's not anything else."

He continued to say that the reason she's suing is because he initially wanted to sign her, but things didn't work out. 

Too Short also claimed he never had sex with Teana, but they did engage in foreplay.

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The rapper revealed he may counter-sue Louis for slander and is also seeking to get a restraining order against her.

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