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Un-Break My Heart: Toni Braxton And Birdman Reportedly Call Off Their Engagement — Receipts Inside

Well it appears the next season of Braxton Family Values will be an interesting one.

Notoriously private with her private life, on the past season of BFV, the 51-Year-old singer proudly announced she was engaged to Birdman. 

She appeared to be happily in love and expressed that despite his rough exterior, that he was the sweetest man that she had EVER been with. 

Just Months after Toni told Wendy Williams that Birdman was pushing her to set a date for their wedding, it appears that they will never walk down the aisle.

E! News is reporting that Toni Braxton And Birdman have apparently called off their engagement... and after seeing their recent social media activity, it appears they got this report right.

On January 1st, the 50-year-old Cash Money Records Mogul shared a post on his Instagram story that read "It's Over" before later deleting the post and all of the photos on his Instagram page. 

#TSRBreakUps: It looks like #ToniBraxton & #Birdman may have called it quits judging by their cryptic IG posts, including #Birdman’s #PostAndDelete 👀 If y’all remember, sis pushed back their wedding date & allegedly lost her engagement ring a couple of months ago 👀 

Toni Braxton followed the same path and deleted every picture from her Instagram account. 

The 51-year-old singer has since shared a solo picture of herself in a red dress with the caption: "Starting a new chapter isn't always an easy choice...but ALWAYS choose to be chosen. Cheers to a new year."

Starting a new chapter isn't always an easy choice...but ALWAYS choose to be chosen. Cheers to a new year.

The internet also noticed that Birdman and Toni Braxton no longer follow each other on the 'Gram.


Previous story by Ruth Lalanne (07/20/2018 at 10:54 am CT):


Remember when all the rumors about Toni Braxton being engaged to Birdman first surfaced and nobody could believe it?

Before it was even confirmed, sources were alleging they had already gotten married but that lie was quickly squashed.

In February of this year, Toni confirmed the news on Braxton Family Values and just like that the internet was officially in their feelings. 

Months later, Toni Braxton is incredibly happy with Birdman (and their engagement) and she’s not letting us forget it. 

In a cute #tbt post , Toni shared photos from the day they got engaged on Instagram as  she wrote “A couple min before we got engaged… Then 24hrs after.” 

The first photo is first selfie that was taken before the wedding proposal took place in her home.

The second pic shows the mother of two flashing her massive engagement ring the next day.

The heart melting smile on Birdman’s face and the giant ring on her finger is what’s giving us complete relationship goals. 

Take a look at the adorable photos below:

Toni said her wedding will have a Great Gatsby theme and take place in California and added: “This is my second wedding, and I’m over 40. It’s like Carrie Bradshaw, the last bride. It’ll be elegant and a little sexy.”

Back in March, Toni revealed her intent to have Cash Money and OVO star Drake perform at her wedding.

And now, the star has said she would love to get 31-year-old musician Drake – who is signed to Birdman’s Cash Money record label – to take to the stage at the ceremony. Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, Toni said: “I think Drake is brilliant, I would love him to perform and he’s on Cash Money so we’ll see.”

Baby has previously shared his love for Braxton with the public on the Wendy Williams show

“She’s my life. I love her to death. I’ve been knowing T for a long time, way back like 17, 18 years. That ain’t just happen. … [The wedding ring she’s wearing?] For life. We not married as of yet but,” Baby said when asked about his relationship with Toni Braxton. 

Now that the co-founder and public face of Cash Money Records has popped the question, fans are shook!

One fan reacted to the photos by saying: “You know I would never have thought they would be a couple. The thing I love most about this picture is the smile on his face!!! Interestingly shocking. She engaged to a real life gangsta, but she is happy. People probably asking why at some of yalls relationships like you all looking at them. Some of y’all hating don’t even have someone to ask about. I can just see you two dancing after the wedding to your song “Long as I Live”….this relationship just looks right!!!” 

So glad the two of them found happiness together! We can’t wait to see her wedding dress! 

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