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Woman Claims She Put Them Hands On ‘Love & Hop Hop: Atlanta’ Star Tommie Lee In Recording Studio + Tommie Claps Black

Is this a  case of karma coming to get our girl Tommie Lee?

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star has a fiery temper and has recently been beefing with her family. An Atlanta female rapper named Akbar V is now claiming that she put the beat down on the reality star at an Atlanta recording studio.

Akbar V, a previous member of the YSL label founded by Young Thug, took to social media to tell her followers about her alleged altercation with Tommie.

Akbar claims she got into it with Tommie over the reality star's bad attitude. 

The rapper told her followers she beat Tommie up, writing about the incident on Instagram.

Akbar wrote on Instagram, "If ya'll see her call me. I just beat her [expletive]. Ima beat her up each time I view her on Jesus Christ daddy. @tommieee_ lying [expletive] tell the truth. I fought you cause you was being a rude disrespectful [expletive] in the studio...walking in my session talking crazy. I don't know you and you don't know me, but now you got introduced to my foot [expletive]. Ya'll get a lil tv clout and become mean girls. Be humble [expletive]. I never sneak diss you cause ion even know you [expletive]. You a liar." [sic] 

Tommie responded to Akbar’s claims by sharing a video on Instagram Live, where she showed no signs of being beat up. 

Lee addressed the situation with the lyrics of Cardi B's track, "Bickenhead", suggesting that Akbar is making the story up for publicity and fame. 

The fight wouldn't be all that big of a surprise to Lee's fans. The reality star has a lengthy rap sheet and has accrued over 30 mug shots since 2003.

In February of this year, Tommie got into it with a female employee at Hendri Bendel's jewelry store at Lenox Square Mall.

Lee and a male friend paid a visit to the store and an employee named Daniella was helping them. The employee didn't care for Lee's rude behavior and called her out on it. 

Tommie responded by yelling at the employee before walking around behind the jewelry counter, before slapping and punching Daniella. 

The fight, which was caught on the store's surveillance cameras, was eventually broken up by the store's manager.

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