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Tisha Campbell Details Years Of Alleged Physical Abuse From Husband Duane Martin

Wow... we did NOT see this coming as the divorce and custody battle between Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin just got next level ugly. 

The My Wife & Kids star is accusing her estranged husband of years of domestic abuse in a January 24th restraining order filing.

In court documents secured by The Blast, Tisha says the most recent abuse happened this past December, when Duane allegedly “grabbed me by my arm to try to get me in the bedroom,” after claiming their son was sick.
She went on to say  the physical abuse in their marriage began months after their 1996 wedding: “I had been emotionally, mentally and physically abused. I kept things hidden from my family his family our friends and the public, save a few very close friends and people who may have witnessed, over the past two decades, filing it away in the back of my mind to protect my family, the community and the public's persona of my spouse.”

The actress says she convinced herself that she was a “strong woman” by not speaking up about the alleged abuse from Duane, but now admits she’s “scared,” but owes it to her children to speak about her troubled relationship with their father.

Tisha shared, “I can no longer live in fear of retaliation,” before adding, “The need to press criminal charges for his acts overshadows the embarrassment of making his crimes against me public through this report.”

The couple, who wed in 1996, had been legally separated on the low since December of 2016.

Since the former couple publicly announced their split in February last year, their divorce got messy quickly with allegations being thrown around regarding the hiding of assets and draining money.

You can read Tisha Campbell-Martin’s Domestic Violence allegations against Duane in full here.


Previous story by Vincent "Heartbreak" Tucker (09/06/2018 at 9:02 am CT):


The on-going battle between Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin continues to get messier by the minute.  

The My Wife & Kids star recently revealed supporting evidence why her estranged husband is financially able to pay her monthly spousal support. 

In court documents secured by TMZ, Tisha reportedly found a “gold mine” in her soon-to-be ex’s closet. She filed a motion accusing Duane of having more than high end 500 shirts in his closet with an estimated value of $750,000 ($1,500 a shirt).

Tisha says she knows this because Duane allegedly made a video bragging about it.

Campbell-Martin, who recently bought back the rights to her acting royalties, reportedly has $1.5 million in assets but is seeking spousal support because doesn’t have a steady source of income.

The actress says her monthly expenses are at least $33,000 per month. Estimating that Duane makes $62,000 monthly, she says he’s fully capable to cover her financial support request. .

The couple, who wed in 1996, had been legally separated on the low since December of 2016.

Prior to their split, they filed for bankruptcy in 2016 after racking up $15 million in debt. Their assets included $65,000 in real estate, $248,000 in personal property (totaling  $313,000 in assets). They owed over $15,145,387 in liabilities to creditors.

As the two figure out the details of their divorce, they were both facing sanctions for allegedly hiding $50k from the trustee in their bankruptcy.

Tisha filed for divorce from Martin in February 2018, taking to social media to announce their split.

She wrote, " After 27 years of being together and 2 amazing children, it pains me to announce that I've filed for divorce. It’s an emotional time and I graciously ask for privacy for me, our children and the rest of our family. Duane said to me Best this [morning] “we are family FOREVER.”

The "All Of Us" actor later filed paperwork asking the court to grant him spousal support after their split. 

Duane’s filing came after Tisha made the same request in the initial divorce filing for spousal and child support for their two children, 16-year-old Xen and 8-year-old Ezekiel.

In June, Campbell-Martin filed legal documents alleging the comedian hid and misused funds during the time they were together.

In the court documents, the actress states that her estranged husband "was hiding and misappropriating money."

The documents didn’t reveal how much money she believes Duane stashed away without her knowledge, but her lawyers suggest it is a substantial amount. 

The actress wants the judge to penalize him for hiding money and deny him spousal support.  

Duane’s court filing says those claims by Tisha are “patently false,” per The Blast. He does agree with sharing joint custody of the kids.  

We’ll keep you updated on this one as it develops!

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