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Tiny Harris Sends Not-So-Subtle Warning To Bernice Burgos And Any Other Side Chicks — Receipts Inside

It looks that Tiny Harris will never be able push Bernice Burgos out her life.

As T.I. was celebrating this 38th birthday with his family, the festivities almost got put on hold by Tiny due to his former sidepiece Bernice Burgos.  

For the past few weeks, it’s been reported that Bernice, has been popping up once again. After his cheating scandal over the summer (involving Greenleaf actress Asia’h Epperson), Burgos was sliding into Tip’s DMs daily to flirt with him per HollywoodLife.

In fact, a recent back-and-forth exchange between T.I. and Meek Mill had on social media was over the curvy model as well.

To make matters worse, Tiny was upset to learn that T.I. still follows Burgos on Instagram; despite all of the drama the 38-year-old former “STARtender” put their marriage through in 2017. 

An insider told HollywoodLife that Tiny put a handled the latest issue.

“Tiny was so angry and upset over all the Bernice Burgos drama that she almost canceled all her big plans for T.I.’s birthday. She felt like a chump for going above and beyond trying to plan the best birthday ever for her man after being reminded of Bernice and how he betrayed her. There was a whole week where she was telling people she wasn’t going to do anything for his birthday that she was calling off all her plans.”

“T.I. has a way of making Tiny feel like the only woman in the world that he could ever truly love. The level of passion they have is so intense that when he takes the time to really focus on her, it’s very hard for her to stay angry at him. And once he gave her that time and attention, she quickly got over her anger and the birthday celebrations were back on,” the source added.

After all was said and done, Tiny opted to go on a romantic vacation with T.I. 

The Xscape singer, who often uses social media to share to her husband, is now using post from their vacation to send a message to Bernice Burgos and other women confused that T.I. is HER man.

“Tiny is angry at Bernice Burgos and all of the other thots online who try to slip into T.I.’s DMs and flirt with him daily. So she decided to do something about it on T.I.’s birthday and send a not-so-subtle reminder with a public proclamation of their commitment together. Tiny posted a pic and a strong message to ward off any loose women,’ an insider also HollywoodLife

Look me in my eyes .. what do you see? 🤨

Tiny posted a tribute video on her husband’s birthday and in the caption, she talked about their bond.

‘New memories to go along with 18 years of old memories! You already know what’s up with me so I will #SayLess Happy 38th birthday to My personal S[expletive] Symbol @troubleman31 Mr. Harris… MajorLove from THE ONE and ONLY Mrs. H 🙏🏽👑💦🎂,’ she wrote, not so subtly highlighting she is ‘the one and only’ by writing it in all Caps.

Tiny’s message shows that while the drama between her and Bernice over T.I. has been going on for a while, she isn’t going to let stop the love she has for husband. 

Do you think Bernice got the message?

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