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Here's The Tea On Tiny Harris' Run-In With T.I.'s Ex Side Chick Bernice Burgos At The BET Hip-Hop Awards

Awkward or not?

Reportedly T.I.’s wife Tiny and his former side chick Bernice Burgos crossed paths at the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards this past weekend.

It appears that the unplanned run-in left Mrs. Harris feeling vindicated after T.I.’s alleged public affair with her last year.  

A friend of the Xscape singer told HollywoodLife.com that “Tiny was actually hoping for a run in with Bernice and that’s what she got."

“They crossed paths backstage and Bernice would not even make eye contact – it left Tiny feeling truly vindicated. Tiny had T.I. by her side, holding her hand. Tiny really enjoyed flaunting her marriage in front of Bernice, it was payback.”

Apparently if these two crossed paths one year ago when things were ugly between Tiny and Tip, the whole run-in with Bernice would have been completely different.

“Things have changed a lot for Tiny because one year ago she would’ve had all kinds of feelings over Bernice being at the same award show as her. She would’ve been sweating it and trying to go out of her way to make sure she never crossed paths with her, but this weekend it was the total opposite,” the source explained.

“The biggest reason for Tiny’s newfound feeling of strength in her marriage is definitely T.I.’s new album,” her friend explained to the site. 

“One of the best parts about him apologizing so publicly is that it put all the side chicks in their place. Tiny knows they’ve all been running their mouths saying that her marriage is over and all that. But T.I. has silenced all those rumors with this new album and that’s given Tiny such relief.”

Not too long ago, Tiny went on a romantic vacation with T.I. to celebrate his 38th birthday (September 25th). 

The Xscape singer, who often uses social media to share to her husband, created an Instagram post from their vacation to send a message to Bernice Burgos and other women confused that T.I. is HER man.

“Tiny is angry at Bernice Burgos and all of the other thots online who try to slip into T.I.’s DMs and flirt with him daily. So she decided to do something about it on T.I.’s birthday and send a not-so-subtle reminder with a public proclamation of their commitment together. Tiny posted a pic and a strong message to ward off any loose women,’ an insider also HollywoodLife

Look me in my eyes .. what do you see? 🤨

Tiny posted a tribute video on her husband’s birthday and in the caption, she talked about their bond.

‘New memories to go along with 18 years of old memories! You already know what’s up with me so I will #SayLess Happy 38th birthday to My personal S[expletive] Symbol @troubleman31 Mr. Harris… MajorLove from THE ONE and ONLY Mrs. H 🙏🏽👑💦🎂,’ she wrote, not so subtly highlighting she is ‘the one and only’ by writing it in all Caps.

Tiny’s message shows that while the drama between her and Bernice over T.I. has been going on for a while, she isn’t going to let stop the love she has for husband. 

After their run-in at the BET Awards, is it safe to assume Bernice got the message?

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