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Tiny Harris Throws Shade At Husband T.I. And His Alleged Side Chick Amid Cheating Video Scandal — Receipts Inside

Tiny, stop bickering with your husband’s side-chicks online and zip over to the divorce lawyer’s office, okay? Get that show on the freakin’ road.


Last week, footage emerged of T.I. looking quite cozy with “Greenleaf” actress Asia’h Epperson; he even smacked her on the booty in the clip before leaning in and kissing her on her neck.

The cheating video added insult to injury after coming on the heels of Tip's 'anti marriage' post (More on that shortly). Tiny is clicking away online, letting us know exactly what she is thinking about this whole cheating video scandal.

According to Gossip In the City, a screenshot shows Tiny liking a comment that blasted T.I. and his alleged mistress.

“Dam my Girl Tiny you Bomb as [expletive] in I Know TI feeling real STUPID rite now getting caught with a DECOY,” the comment written by Instagram user f0xxie35. “[She] ain’t even on your level.” The user then went on to say that “karma” is coming for both Tip and Asia’h before concluding with advice for Tiny. “Stay woke my Girl, Fix your Crown,” they continued.

Cheeky #UhOh: #TIP caught getting #Distracted by a #woman other than his #Wife 👀👀 . #TI #Tiny #TroubleMan #FamilyHustle #Husband #Wife #XScape #HusbandAndWife #TinyHarris #MajorGirl #HipHop

See the comment that Tiny liked in full below:

No official comment from T.I. or Tiny, but the two seem to have been spending some time apart.

Tip's cheating video went viral days before Father's Day and obviously didn't go over well with his children. They decided to hang out with their mother instead of celebrating Father's Day with their dad. 

He addressed that fact in an Instagram video that shows him surrounded by fans, who were asking him about his children. 

T.I. admitted his sons were angry that he hurt their mother, stating, "Major and King are with their momma and they ain’t rocking with me right now."

The rapper continued filming as he addressed the rumors circulating about him. "No matter what wherever you at I don’t [care] about that gossip y’all talking about, any time anybody need me I’m there. It don’t matter, for who, for what, any time anybody need me I’m always there."

😩 #T.I. says he didn’t get to spend fathers day with all of his kids because they were with their momma #TinyHarris, and “they ain’t rocking with him right now” 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ Then he vented a little to his fans....😕

In addition to that, Tip and his eldest son Messiah–whom he shares with Lashon Dixon—have taken a trip with some friends to South Africa, in honor of the 18-year-old’s high school graduation. And his wife has been hanging out in California, including a girls’ night at the Rhythm & Soul Awards on June 21.

So, is Tiny finally done?

“Tiny is hurt and humiliated and embarrassed,” a disher told HollywoodLife. “She’s taking her time to really consider it but as of now divorce is very much back on the table, this is very serious.”

We have heard that one before, eh?

Tiny filed in 2016, citing “irreconcilable differences”—but according to BOSSIP, no cogs have been turning in almost a year, other than each side asking the court for more time to work the case out. 

T.I. later countersued her, but the case has stagnated, with practically no activity in 2018. They seem to break up and reconcile often, so who even knows what is happening?

As mentioned earlier in the story, Tip shared a note that trashed marriage, captioning this, “Note to women: Happiness needs no validation…The Ego does. Most women out there nowadays just wanna be married to impress they friends, family (his side pieces) and fit into society’s standards. THATS NOT LOVE!!! That’s how you end up stuck with someone YOU THOUGHT YOU WANTED!!!! No matter what… Whatever you do…Do what you do to make YOU HAPPY!!!"

#TI shared a post today explaining that he understands why some men won’t marry certain women. It looks like his wife #Tiny had some opinions of her own 👀

T.I.'s alleged mistress, Asia’h Epperson, has shared several statements on Instagram amid T.I.’s cheating  video scandal.

The former "American Idol" contestant said that those spreading lies have nothing better to do. She adds that the rumors won't affect her, adding that she will love her haters anyway.

Do you think Tiny will leave T.I. for sure this time?

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