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Tiny Harris Low Key Shades T.I. In Tribute To Daughter Amid Cheating Video Scandal

I'd like to think everyone is aware of the latest drama involving two of our favorite reality stars in Atlanta  — T.I. And Tiny. 

And when it comes to the word “crazy,” there’s two ways that the word can be used: crazy in a good way or crazy in a bad way.

The Xscape singer shared a beautiful tribute to daughter Heiress Harris this week, the newest addition to T.I. and Tiny’s family. 

Tiny shared: “My lil one smart like Major & sweet as hell like me but a lil crazy like her daddy!’. 

While we’re not 100 percent sure what she meant, we feel pretty good that “crazy” is a word not a word that Tiny attached to T.I. with much love these days. 

See the post in full, below:

My lil one smart like Major & sweet as hell like me but a lil crazy like her daddy! @heiressdharris something special! Can’t forget aunties Boo Boo @myathatmf #LoveMyFamily #BabyGenius #MyLilActress #Lucky7 👑💜💘

T.I. and Tiny haven’t been on the best terms following Tip’s latest brush with infidelity in their marriage.

We’re referring to the footage that emerged last month of T.I. looking quite cozy with “Greenleaf” actress Asia’h Epperson allegedly; he even smacked her on the booty in the clip before leaning in and kissing her on her neck.

#PressPlay: #TI spotted backstage last night at his show in Indiana by a fan who posted it on Snapchat 👀

Right before that, T.I. & Tiny were caught in more social media drama, which started after he shared an Anti-Marriage post about why men don’t like to marry.

The rapper and actor wrote in the caption, "Just found some info out there from @nay6ah60d_neal I thought I’d share… and mind you, I DIDNT WRITE THIS, A WOMAN DID…. but I do agree to a degree. I’ve heard it,& seen this a million times over. Note to women: Happiness needs no validation…The Ego does. Most women out there nowadays just wanna be married to impress they friends, family (his side pieces) and fit into society’s standards. THAT’S NOT LOVE. That’s how you end up stuck with someone YOU THOUGHT YOU WANTED. No matter what… Whatever you do…Do what you do to make YOU HAPPY. -The End."

Tiny took to her own Instagram account to respond to Tip's post, sharing a video of Snoop Dogg explaining how he "wouldn’t be as strong" if he didn't have his wife's support.

Snoop stated in the video, "I look at all the rappers in the game that have wives. That have strong women in their life. They’re stable up top too. they’re mentally strong."

Tiny captioned the footage, "Crown the KING who knows that his QUEEN is the most important piece on the board. #chessnotcheckers #CHECKMATE."

She then published an Instagram Story with graphic lettering that read: "Put Some Respect On My Name [expletive]."

#TI shared a post today explaining that he understands why some men won’t marry certain women. It looks like his wife #Tiny had some opinions of her own 👀

Since then, T.I. and Tiny have attended public events separately and are reportedly living apart.

During Tiny’s appearance on Kandi Koated Nights on July 1st, she admitted to Kandi and the other guests on the program that she not only hire a private investigator to follow her man around but that she’s actually done so in the past. 

Kandi pressed on: “How’d that work out for you?”

Tiny replied by: “It worked out. I definitely would [recommend it], it’s expensive though. But it worked out.”

We wish this family all the best, and we hope that they can make things work again.

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