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Tiffany "New York" Pollard Gives TMI And Reveals The One Thing She Misses About Flavor Flav The Most

Tiffany “New York” Pollard needs to be on television more. Make it happen, producers.

The VH1 reality star recently reunited with former love interest rapper Flavor Flav and it looks like there may still be some spark there?

She has never been coy about her relationship with the “Public Enemy” rapper or her lust for him. Well, she threw out some details about her recent encounter with Flav while filming Braxton Family Values and confessed to still fantasizing about him every once in a while.

During an interview with Bossip, she reminisced about her and Flav’s more intimate moments with one another, after seeing him for the first time in six years.

“My mind was blurred,” ‘New York’ shared. “All I saw was [expletive] and clock, [expletive] and clock slapping against my [expletive]. That big ol’ clock just hittin’ the back of my [expletive].”

What a visual.

“When you’re [sleeping] with an older man, [you have to remember] he’s been [getting down] way longer than you’ve been alive. So he’s gonna know where to hit, how to hit, how long and where to poke,” she explained.

Though she’s currently in a relationship, she still isn’t afraid to recount her steamy moments with Flav. Yup. Apparently, her new man doesn’t love this and gets jealous. Haha.

Tiffany also posted a snap of herself and Flav, writing, “Reunited with the #legend @flavorflavofficial 👑🙌🏾😝 and I couldn’t be any HAPPIER 🤗 It was so nice seeing you.”

Reunited with the #legend @flavorflavofficial 👑🙌🏾😝 and I couldn't be any HAPPIER 🤗 It was so nice seeing you 😎

Fans were pleased. 

“OMG I saw this the other night, died, and the resurrected myself,” one wrote. 

“Y’all are the GOAT this is Iconic 🔥,” another chimed in. “Back to where it all began <3 love y’all together!,” a different follower dished.

“Love both of u guys yall made vh1 look real good lol take me back to these days.”

“I miss you guys together so much, and I desperately want to see you as a couple. Make it happen and make all of us happy!”

@flavorflavofficial @braxtonfamilyvalues_wetv @lounginwithtony TONIGHT y'all check it out 🙌🏾👑😝 @therealtracibraxton I LOVE ❤️ YOU!!!

Tiffany is perhaps best known for appearing on VH1's Flavor of Love and I Love New York.  In 2016, she came in fourth place on Celebrity Big Brother. She has also made more than a few appearances on other realities shows throughout the years. 

At the moment, she is on the payroll for Braxton Family Values, we guess.

@braxtonfamilyvalues_wetv 🙌🏾👑😝 TONIGHT

Anyway, talk about a blast from the past. Guess this is kind of cute? Or is it really cringe-worthy? Hm. 

Hey Ya”ll,,!!! Look who I ran into on the set of the Braxton family values,,, my girl NY,!!! She’s still the same NY and hasn’t changed a bit yo,! @tiffany_hbic_pollard
The ball is in Flav’s court now.

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