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This 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Blasts Nicki Minaj & Claims She Tried To Stop Her Bag

This year has been pretty turbulent for Nicki Minaj so far.

And the picture that continues to be painted about her by many of industry contemporaries is not flattering, to say the least.

Nicki is mid-feud with Cardi B, who threw a shoe at her while they were both attending the Harper's Bazaar New York Fashion Week party.  It’s been non-stop nonsense since too though, with both of them tossing plenty of post-altercation insults around (though Cardi seems to be especially unbothered by it now). 

Remember Tiffany Foxx from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Well, she has some gossip about this very matter to spread around as she reveals she’s been targeted by Nicki in the past.

While talking with Ts Madison on The Queens Supreme Court about her new single, the ladies got into the tea-spillage zone and chatted about how Nicki’s recent antics were all about "protecting her Queendom." 

TS Madison, who has publicly sided with Nicki Minaj during her feuds with Cardi B and Lil Kim, claimed that she wasn't trying to get messy but kept bringing up Nicki's bag-stopping allegations.

Tiffany had plenty to say about this, explaining, "Don't be bitter and don't be hating on other girls. On some real [expletive], this is a personal situation where--I'm not saying this just because the masses is saying this about Nicki--Nicki has definitely interrupted me being on red carpets. This ain't the first time y'all done heard this [ish]. She done interrupted me on red carpets."

Madison then asked, "You?"

"Me!" Tiffany replied.

"It kept being little things where I was like, 'No! She ain't doing that punk [ish]. No, she ain't on that!" That's exactly what the f[expletive]k it is, so...I'm saying it. Remy's saying it. I see why Cardi, when she seen her, threw that [expletive] shoe."

For the record, Tiffany was a protege of the one and only Lil' Kim, if that factors in at all. Hm.

Add it to the ever-growing allegation pile, right?

On that note, let’s chat about Cardi B’s “Drip” for a second. A feature spot was supposedly allocated for Migos. But rumor has it the single was initially supposed to feature rapper Future as the guest artist, however, he seems to have pulled the plug on this collaboration, because Nicki allegedly told him that he could either take himself off the song or no longer have the opportunity to do the The NICKIHNDRXX tour with her.

In fact. Page Six says Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee has intel that claims Nicki prohibited Future from moving forward with the track.


So, do you believe that Nicki has gone above and beyond to keep other female musicians down? Because it kind of seems like it.

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