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Meet Brittany Williams - The Lady Said By Haters To Have 'Stolen' Beyoncé's Face [PICS]

Since many, many fans across the globe idolize Beyoncé—to a point that they feel that her fashion choices are secret hints about the names and sexes of her unborn babies—it is unfortunately not all too shocking that someone has decided to emulate Bey. At least that’s what some people think that they are doing…

Brittany Williams is catching quite a bit attention these days, thanks to her resemblance to Mrs. Carter. Hey, if you must have a look-a-like out there, you could do a LOT worse than a beauty like Bey. Honestly.

The 20-year-old recently chatted with BET and revealed that she is often accused of trying to look like Bey and of wearing a weave to play up the similarities. To this, she says “Actually, I do not wear a lot of makeup. I hate to look drastically different from my natural self. I keep it simple […] Some people assume I wear weave to look like her, but most of the pictures that I post online are with no weave. I naturally have long, thick hair. Weave is a choice for me”.

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...and I still had worries and challenges to face when I returned; however, in this moment I was liberated and thankful for the simple thought of escaping what worse feels like and changing my perspective on my life. I often have to remind myself to let go and let God.. | The recipe: Faith the size of a mustard seed -B

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She went on to explain that she actually always looked up to Aaliyah and that she never really paid much attention to people’s comments about what a doppelganger she is for Bey. She is a fan though! 

In fact, she said that if she were to ever meet Beyonce, she would tell her how proud she was of her and everything that she has achieved (“I would tell her that I appreciate how she uses music to express herself in the way the art was intended — freely with no reservation to our emotions. I would express my liking to the way she moves; with much calculation, a desire for perfection and an unnecessary work ethic that proves time after time her love for what she does. I’m proud of this woman and I’m proud she reflects a different stigma of what it means to have the color of my skin. I would simply tell her, ‘I’m proud”). Aw!” 
She seems to actually just look like Beyoncé, as opposed to those individuals who spend thousands of dollars of horrifying plastic surgery procedures in order to mimic the features of their idols. Lucky lady.

Let me learn ya something..

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If he's no longer with the Queen the only thing she can be is the next good thing -B

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