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This 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' Star Spills The Tea On Who's Been Fired For The Upcoming Season

Did your faves get cut from the new season of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood?

As the new season of Love And Hip-Hop: Hollywood is set to hit our TV Screens, fans of the show are getting ready for the over the top display of drama, emotive antics plus the fights and shadiness

With that said, the latest trailer has fans wondering who will actually be a part of the new season, as a lot of the cast members we’ve come to know on the show… looked to be absent in the commercial.

Now former LHHH star Zell Swag was asked on his Instagram if he knew whether a few choice people would be returning to the show via the new rolled out IG feature called “Ask me a question.” 

The feature is very reminiscent of old social media games from the early 2000s: simple, yet, if done right, very entertaining. 

When the fan asked the burning question we’d all been wanting to ask, Zell Swag was gracious enough to give us a definite answer.

His response? A blunt one liner that has us all stunned and wondering if he’s serious. 

 “Nope. We all unemployed,” he responded, using the new IG “Ask me a question” feature to make the announcement.

See his response, via TheShadeRoom, below:

Not all unemployed 😂😩

Shocking! ZellSwag confirms that neither he, Alexis Skyy, nor Hazel E (better known as Masika Kalysha) will be returning to the new season. 

LHHH released a teaser a couple weeks ago for the new season that backs up Zellswag’s revelation about them being fired. In the trailer, Moniece Slaughter, Princess Love, Ray J, K. Michelle, and even Teairra Mari were seen.

The rest of the cast (as we mentioned) had seemed to be missing in action (Well, now we know they aren’t “Missing”). 

The trailer, although brief, drops some major hints at what fans can expect in the new season as far as what each cast member will be facing. They’re going to be delving into Teairra Mari’s recent video scandal, Ray J and Princess Love’s alleged surrogate situation, and even talk about the horrible butt surgery. 

According to K. Michelle however, everything is not as it seems. Although she appears in some scenes in the trailer, the singer asserts that fans should not be expecting to see her on LHH: Hollywood because she quit! 

Her reasoning was that the show stretches the truth to the point where it gets lost and she’s had enough. A reality show is an exaggeration of the truth as we all know. K. Michelle is just not cool being a part of it. 

You can check out her response to these tweets and see for yourself:

The fifth season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood returns Monday, July 23 at 8:00 PM ET on VH1.

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