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Report: Woman Killed Male Friend For Not Sharing His Crack Cocaine At Thanksgiving Dinner

A Minneapolis woman’s actions at a Thanksgiving dinner ended in tragedy. A guest ended up dying from injuries after she allegedly attacked him for smoking crack at her house, without offering to share it.

47-year-old Anenia Marie Hare told authorities that 69-year-old Edward Caliph did not ask if he could smoke the substance or if she wanted any. Tensions rose after she took a butcher knife and antennae (to appear intimidating) and told Caliph he couldn’t leave.

“Caliph started yelling for a neighbor to call 911, and allegedly broke a window in the living room with a vacuum cleaner trying to escape,” the New York Daily News stated. “Hare allegedly grabbed her guest by the shoulders and fell on top of him as he fought to get the knife from her.”

Hare said that Caliph fell face down on the ground and “he started snoring.” He was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. An autopsy showed that he died of homicidal violence.

Hare was charged with second-degree manslaughter; she is currently being held on $500,000 bail.


On a loosely related topic, did you see that a judge recently sentenced a man to 472 years behind bars?

Brock Franklin was given this sentence by Arapahoe County (Colorado) Judge Peter F. Michaelson on Tuesday, after being convicted of running a child prostitution ring, which involved drugging and sexually exploiting young girls.

9News reported the super long sentence is more than four times the minimum sentence required for a human trafficking case.

The man was initially indicted in 2015 by a grand jury, for allegedly using drugs and violence to control young girls. Four other people involved in the prostitution ring were previously charged.

He apparently used narcotics and violence to control his victims, setting daily “quotas” for them to meet. He forced them advertise themselves on and used their earnings to support himself. One of the victims was tracked by GPS and was forced to have sex with him against her will.

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Don’t know if that helped at all, but we tried.

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