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WATCH: Baby Junie Makes Herself The Star Of Teyana Taylor's Concert & We Are Stuck Off The Preciousness

Um, calm down, ovaries!

Teyana Taylor just kicked off her Later That Night Tour in Atlanta and brought a special guest on stage during her rendition of “Never Would Have Made It.” Her 2½-year-old daughter, Junie, stole the show.

Oh and Teyana also crooned a previously unreleased verse to the track to her baby girl!

Awww. It was amazing!

Junie even climbed on stage with her mom towards the end

Moments before Tey sang, “you are the highlight of my life/you are the sunshine in my night,” Junie snatched a kiss.

I cried singing this to you & im crying reposting this beautiful moment captured by ya god mommy @monicabrown & god Papi @__shannon__brown__ holdin it down!!😩😩I love you so much baby @babyjunie4 you are my world & beyond 💕 #KTSE #LaterThatNightTour 
See another video from it: 

#PressPlay: #TeyanaTaylor on stage last night with her adorable baby girl #Junie ❤️ via. @philliploray

We cannot even handle how cute this moment is. Talk about precious!

I love this baby with my soul... And she loves her Uncle Shannon with her soul LOL ... Chilling in @__shannon__brown__ arms while her Mommy sang the most beautiful words to her! I was hiding my tears LOL @teyanataylor #GodMommyDuties #SheLikesMeNow LOL
Also, Junie is a natural performer, right? Totally chill.  Do you think Junie is more likely to be a future sports star or a headlining musician? Or perhaps both? Her parents are multi-tasking moguls, so...

Me telling Junie don’t look while her Momma perform 3-Way🤦🏾‍♀️Jesus be a whole fence LOL ... this tour is a must see #LaterThatNightTour #KTSE Teyana kills every second 🖤 Polow ain’t miss a second of that scene 😂

Can't watch it right now for whatever reason? Um, do so later, for real. But take a peek at the moving lyrics in the meantime.

 "You gave me new life 

When I gave you life 

I had you on the bathroom floor

For the first time I found true love 

One make mistake and it could’ve went wrong 

I had Iman by my side 

Making sure I was breathing right 

Cut the umbilical cord

With the beats right 

Crazy crazy crazy story story 

Things can change before we know it 

Know it know it 

I’ll never be the same

Person I was before you came 

You made me a better woman 

I had to be better for you".

Teyana gave birth to "Junie", on December 16 in 2015, after she had gone into labor early. 

Iman and Teyana secretly wed on October 1, 2016, right in front of the bathroom where Junie made her entrance into the world. 

"I mean what made that so dope is because — we’ve never shared this — but we literally got married in our room in front of our bathroom here where Junie was born, so it was very special. That was definitely a major, major highlight of the year and one of the best things of my life," Teyana previously dished. 

"We have double doors, so we opened the doors. Pretty much, we got married at the crime scene. It was a really special moment to get married in that home period."

In conclusion, #BabyFever is real and Junie is the sweetest. 

When ball is life 😩😂 @babyjunie4 was focused!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️

Also, who else is forever rooting for the Shumperts? Such a lovely couple, honestly. 

"When I look at reality shows, they don’t look like reality to me. It’s so important to be a positive representation of Black love that my [behind] actually got on TV,” Iman once explained, ahead of the premiere of their show. 

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