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Texas Man Sentenced After Reportedly Killing Girlfriend's Infant Son By Dunking Him Into A Toilet — Video

A Freeport, Texas man has been sentenced to life in prison after he held his girlfriend's crying baby upside down and dunked him into the toilet multiple times. 

Antoine Gorman, 28, was charged and found guilty of murder after the November 2016 death of seven-week- old baby Malachi Nelson.

Gorman had been babysitting his girlfriend Tashiay Nelson's children while she was at work. She trusted him to keep a watchful eye on her infant son Malachi and his two siblings, ages three and four.

Relatives say Nelson and Gorman met online and that he just moved to Freeport from Louisiana.

Nelson returned home after work and discovered her baby boy's lifeless body, but Gorman had left the children alone in the apartment.

The grieving mother told ABC13 News that Gorman "dunked" her infant son "two or three times." She also claimed that Malachi wouldn't stop crying when Gorman babysat him.

Nelson called Gorman to ask why he was not home when he was supposed to be babysitting the children.

A relative of Nelson's said, "She called him on the phone and said why'd you leave my kids at home by themselves? He said 'I didn't I walked to the store but I'll be right there,' but he never showed up."

Freeport Police began the hunt to find Gorman, later locating him and taking him into custody in the Houston area two days later. 

Investigators revealed that Gorman held the baby upside down and repeatedly dunked him into the toilet. The horrific act was reportedly witnessed by Nelson's four-year-old daughter.

Nelson revealed that her young daughter was left traumatized after witnessing the incident. 

A jury found Gorman guilty of murder in Malachi's death, sentencing him to life behind bars on Friday. 

Nelson revealed Gorman showed no remorse for his actions during the court proceedings.

"He was shooting the finger at us the whole time. Looking back at us, laughing, playing with his hair the whole time. Being disrespectful. He wasn't showing no remorse or nothing," she said to ABC. 

Gorman, who was sentenced to life in prison, did not testify in his own defense and he will not be allowed to be eligible for parole for 30 years. 

Nelson said of his sentence,"I hate him and I hope he rots in [expletive]."

The Freeport Police Department the news of Gorman's sentencing on Friday.

"Today, defendant Antoine Gorman was sentenced to life in prison for the November 2016 death of 7 week old Baby Malachi Nelson. We are proud of all parties involved, police, fire-EMS, dispatch, BSCO, district attorney’s office and witnesses, who all assisted in bringing justice to Baby Malachi and his family. Prayers to the family!" the statement read. 

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