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White Teacher That Slammed A Child Against The Wall And Locked Students In Classroom Keeps Her Job

Many people are outraged after an elementary school teacher in Louisiana was arrested for cruelty to juveniles and false imprisonment was simply moved to another school, instead of being fired.

Teacher Melissa Blank was accused of manhandling a female student, then barring the rest of the children from leaving her classroom because a child was being unruly.

Blank was arrested and faced multiple charges but the school district decided to simply move her to another school. 

An investigation into the teacher's actions came as the result of an adult witness who was in the classroom at the time of the incident. The unidentified witness filed a complaint describing the teacher's behavior to the Brusly Police Department.

The police report did not state why the adult witness was present in the classroom at that time. 

Melissa, 37, was teaching her math class at Brusly Elementary School outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at around 9:45 am on February 7 when the incident occurred.

The teacher had asked the students to complete a math problem and one female student was reportedly not paying attention. Blank yelled at the child for not listening.

The little girl became upset and swatted the learning materials the teacher was using that day off the desk.

Blank reportedly walked up to the female student and swung the child around to face her, before grabbing the child by the face/neck and pushing the student against the closet doors.

The adult witness said Blank yelled, "You aren't going to touch my things, you aren't going to act like this!"

The little girl allegedly continued to disobey the teacher so she pinched the student's shoulder so hard that she was left with bruises.

The arrest warrant revealed that the other adult in the classroom attempted to intervene and remove the student from the class. However, Blank told her, "she needs to learn she can’t act like this and she’s not going to touch my things!"

The eyewitness claims Blank then took three chairs to block the door so that none of the students could leave.

The police report did not reveal how long the students were held in the classroom.

Blank was arrested on Feb. 21 and was booked into the West Baton Rouge Parish Jail on 15 counts of false imprisonment, and one count of cruelty to juveniles and simple battery.

West Baton Rouge Parish Schools Superintendent Wesley Watts confirmed that Blank was still employed by the school district.

Watts revealed that Blank had been moved from Brusly Elementary to Lukeville Upper Elementary School, which is several blocks away.

The superintendent declined to give any other details on the incident or the teacher, due to it being a personnel matter.  

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