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Taraji P. Henson Shares Details On Her Romantic Marriage Proposal From NFL Baller/Fiancé Including A Funny Moment — Video

Taraji P. Henson, who recently shared that she is engaged to NFL star Kelvin Hayden, has now revealed the details of her surprise proposal.

The 47-year-old "Empire" actress dished on her engagement during a recent interview with "Entertainment Tonight."

Henson revealed that she burst into tears, which resulted in her false eyelashes "ending up on the floor."

Taraji and Kelvin, who finally confirmed they had been quietly dating for years back in December, became engaged on Mother's Day.

The actress announced her happy news on Instagram, writing, "I said yes y’all!!!"
I said yes y’all!!! He started with the Cartier love bracelet BUT that was my #Mothersday gift and then he dropped to his knee and I almost passed out!!! 😩😩😂😂😂#sheisofficiallyoffthemarket and she is sooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!! #GODIS 💍💋💋💋

Henson told "ET" that she had no clue about Hayden's proposal plans, but that she should have seen the signs. 

Congratulations #Taraji on the engagement! 🖤 #tarajiphenson x #kelvinhayden

Taraji shared that she had been in Atlanta filming "What Men Want" when she told Kelvin she was considering coming back home for Mother's Day. "I noticed the look in his eyes, but I didn’t put it together," she recalled.

#ForeverKindaLove 💋💋💋

Henson was still oblivious when her boyfriend took her to dinner at the restaurant they went to on their first date.

"I didn’t put it together until we went into the party room after we ate, and I saw a violinist, ’cause he was trying to say it was his friend’s birthday — which it was, on Friday — 'Oh, Ronald’s gonna have a little get-together in the back room.' And I was like, 'Aw, that’s perfect. We’ll already be there,'" she explained. "I go back there and I go, 'Ronald’s not into violins, what’s going on here?' And as I’m putting the dots together, I turn around, he’s on his knee."

She shared that "the river of tears started" when she saw Kelvin down on one knee and her "lashes ended up on the floor."

Taraji was later told that Hayden, 34, had originally planned to pop the question on a later date, but simply couldn't wait.

"He surprised the heck out of everybody because I think he was trying to wait and he couldn’t wait," she told ET. "He had the ring and I guess it was burning a hole in his pocket. And just the weight and the pressure of keeping the secret, he couldn’t do it."
#tarajihenson #tarajiphenson #EmpireFox #Empire #empireseason2 #tarajiphenson😍

Hayden wound up choosing Mother’s Day, which also happens to be Henson’s 24-year-old son Marcel Johnson’s birthday.

"Mother’s Day is a threesome for me," she stated. "I had my son, plus Mother’s Day, and now my engagement!"

Also wishing my handsome son a very happy birthday. I can NOT believe how time has flown by nonetheless I am so proud of the man you are becoming keep growing and living your truth!!!! @filet_marcell AND NEVER FORGET #GODIS 🙏🏾💋💋💋

Taraji isn't in a huge rush down the aisle, stating that she wants to take some time to just enjoy being engaged. 
#nextlevel #tarajiphenson😍

The "Person of Interest" star jokingly said, "People are hitting me up. It’s starting to get overwhelming, and we’re thinking, we’re talking a year from now, and I know how fast that’s going to go, so it’s a lot. I’m trying to just enjoy being blissfully engaged for a minute."

Congratulations to Taraji and Kelvin!

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