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Tami Roman Has The Internet Confused After Surprising Message For A Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Co-Star

Tami Roman almost walked away from Basketball Wives.

In fact, the only reason she returned for the current season is because VH1 offered her a show with her (probably) future husband-to-be Reggie Youngblood. 

Well, it is pretty safe to say that she is not in a good place with Evelyn Lozada or Jennifer Williams right now. (And it seems like it isn’t going so smoothly with Shaunie O’Neal either).

Most of the current on-camera drama revolves around Tami and Evelyn Lozada’s latest falling out. Jennifer Williams has also lost good standing with Tami, as she and Evelyn are close friends again. 

Roman and former Basketball Wives star Royce Reed, who have a history of saying less-than-flattering things about one another, seem to have patched things up after all these years or so we think...

Tami decided to show her some love on Instagram by wishing her a happy birthday and calling Royce her "little sister" but the rest of the caption has some wondering if Tami was throwing some super slight shade.

She shared a cute snap of her pal, writing, “In a world full of snakes, it’s good to know we have EAGLES! Happy birthday @roycereed Dis my mf’in lil sister right here! A real one who never switched up, never played both sides, always put me in my place & never backed down from what’s right or the truth. I wish you ALL your dreams, desires and MORE 💋💋💛💛💛".

See it in full below:

Uh. Hahaha.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Y’all are amazing! 😘 hope to see some of you tomorrow at the all white till you touch something day party! Starts at 6! #amosc RoyceReed

Do you think Tami was being sincere or petty? 

Last month, Evelyn popped onto on social media to make her side known. 

Tami still harbors resentment over Evelyn sleeping with her ex-husband, Kenny Anderson, even though they were separated when at the time. She got physical after hearing the news, with Evelyn later stating she was a “non-factor.”

“Well, you know, when you think you’re friends with somebody and you then find out they’ve slept with your ex-husband without telling you over a six month period, I think that’s when they can have one straight to the dome. And I didn’t feel any ways about giving it.”

Tami had also made it crystal clear she was taking Jackie's side in the GoFundMe beef, hinting that Evelyn only chipped in for media attention.

Evelyn eventually called Tami out on Twitter, writing, "I was fine until the reunion! She sat up there and lied about the timeline."

During her confessional, Tami said that Evelyn should have known she could have addressed any issues with her. However, Evelyn wasn’t buying that. She tweeted, "LIES!!!!!!!!! Call you?!!!!! You sat up there and tried to play me."

Evelyn also pointed out, "She filed in 98 I messed with dude in 1999 #TryAgain."

Don’t miss Tami & Evelyn on new episodes of "Basketball Wives" on Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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