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Tami Goes There & Spills Some Messy Tea About Evelyn's Infamous Incident With Chad Johnson — Video

Things have been real messy on this season of VH1’s "Basketball Wives."

Tami Roman made a low blow in a preview clip for next week's episode, accusing Evelyn Lozada of lying about her ex-husband Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson and their infamous domestic incident back in 2012.

It is not known what the frenemies were discussing initially but Evelyn is shown in the beginning of the preview clip telling Tami, "You're a liar."

Tami responds by saying, "You lied on Chad. You know you was fighting that man all along."

We see a little bit of Evelyn’s reaction to Tami’s claim, but we can rest assure that this won’t end well.

Take a look at the clip below:

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Fans weighed in on the video clip, with many appearing to side with Tami.

One person wrote, "Evelyn is acting like we don’t know how she used to act. I always said she was in the car wilding on Chad physically. She may have calmed down now but we know boo."

A second fan posted, "I'm not a supporter of domestic violence at all...being that I'm a survivor. However, she was very aggressive in her pursuit of him and she was frequently violent during the show. I follow him on social media and the man is a good father, boyfriend and friend. Just a good dude. Always looking to have a good time. I always felt that the story was not the full truth. (MY OPINION)."

A third fan pointed out, "Trying to see how Tami is wrong...🤔🤔🤔. If this is indeed what happened, she and and Ev were cool at the time that incident happened, she would know. Tami ain't never been one to hold her tongue especially to someone presumed to not be a friend. She has nothing to lose at this point so why lie?"

Stripes of 3️⃣ 💓

Evelyn & Chad's infamous incident took place 1 month after they tied the knot in July 2012. The football star head-butted Lozada after an argument regarding a receipt for condoms found in his car. 

The reality star was left with a 3-inch bloody head gash on her forehead and was taken to an emergency room in Florida. 

Lozada filed for divorce three days later after just 41 days of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in September.

Johnson was sentenced to a year of probation. Chad also paid the price with his career, being released from the Miami Dolphins a day after his arrest.

Thug Life 🔫

In March, Shaunie O'Neal appeared with Evelyn on "The Red Pill Podcast" and were asked which of their famous exes would they call in a life-threatening situation.

O'Neal chose Shaq, but fans were shocked when Lozada chose her ex-husband. She answered, "Chad. And not that I don't have faith in Carl [Crawford]. Carl would be there, but we're talking about if my life is on the line."

Do you believe Evelyn deceived the public over the domestic violence incident with Chad?

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