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Laura Govan Reacts To Reports She's The Pregnant ‘Mistress’ Of Vincent Herbert That Tamar Braxton Called Out On Instagram

Tamar Braxton took to social media on Friday to announce that a woman informed her that her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, got her pregnant. Many fans believed that woman to be Laura Govan, who denied the allegations!

The Former "Basketball Wives L.A." star hit back at the accusations, while also lashing out at her baby daddy Gilbert Arenas for making the claims.

Govan pointed the finger at former NBA star Arenas, denying hooking up with Tamar's husband.

"The allegations from Gilbert Arenas are completely false and couldn't be further from the truth," Govan said in a statement on Sunday, adding, "I empathize with Tamar and I wish her healing. I have no issues towards Tamar or Vince, because I know who actually started all of this. I just pray that they leave me out of this, because I have really tried to stay to myself this entire year and moving forward."
Laura Govan Denies Cheating With Tamar Braxton's Husband Vince Herbert & Carrying His Baby! 

Govan also told TMZ that she is not pregnant and has never been intimate with Herbert.

Laura also said her ex-boyfriend needs to stop lying and focus on paying his child support, which she claims has not been paid since September. 

Arenas, who shares four children with Govan, hopped on Instagram to call Laura out for being a liar. 

Gilbert wrote, "I was trying to enjoy the last of 2017 but I see my BM decides she wants to use me to clear her dirt up."

Arenas continued, "Well well well #msinrealLIFE you must have forgotten that I have all the court documents and in those court documents are ALL of your bank records AND in those bank records ARE these little things called (wire transfers) and with wire transfers comes (senders) which either has they name or they bank account numbers...from Jan 2015 through Oct. of 2016, I would have every person that sent you money. Merry Christmas you were BUSY BUSY."

He went on to write, "So please #MsinrealLIFe, hadle your situation without using me as scapegoat because from my view if this document got into the wrong hands a lot of married woman laughing at this post will be filing for divorce in 2018."

Braxton called Herbert out over the weekend, two months after she filed for divorce to end their nine-year marriage.

Braxton accused her estranged husband of getting another woman pregnant.

Oh My!!! 😯😯 Laura Govan called Tamar to explain the situation between her and Vince and it didn't go too well. 😔😔😰 

“Vince Herbert is having a baby and his [expletive] decided to let me know about it tonight,” she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post. 

Tamar wrote that the woman, who she did not name, "should check public records on Christmas" and that Herbert "called back" despite a "protection order," "begging and lying."

Tamar added of her estranged husband, "He's a real piece of work!! Smh happy new year folks!! Ladies and gentlemen know that 2018 is a FRESH start and if I can leave this liar you can leave yours too!"

Herbert was arrested and detained for several hours on Christmas Day, according to jail records.

Tamar tells TMZ, "Co-parenting while going through a divorce is not an easy task. While celebrating the Christmas holiday as a family, after a few drinks and some jealousy, things got a bit out of hand, which is common for most families during the holidays. In the midst of everything our family is going through things got heated and a bit exaggerated."

Tamar makes it clear ... "There was no physical interaction between Vince and I on Christmas. While I do not appreciate his lack of respect for our family and him allegedly impregnating another woman, I cannot paint him as a vicious abuser that Vince is not."  

Tamar Braxton reveals that Vincent Herbert is having a baby by another woman! After a comment made by Tamar on IG people are starting to think that woman is #lauragovan's friend . #tamarandvince #tamarbraxton #vincentherbert

Herbert was arrested for spousal assault and taken to jail, where he bailed out after posting $20k.  

Tamar says, "I'm deeply hurt and saddened that this will be how we remember Christmas 2017, but, my motto is and maintains to be 'Bluebird of Happiness' and nobody will stop my joy and blessings going into the New Year! God Bless!"
#VincentHerbert says he didn't get #LauraGovan pregnant and he ain't put the paws on #TamarBraxton 🤔🤔

Herbert denied spousal abuse in an interview with TMZ.

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