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New Reports Reveal The Reason Tamar Braxton Hasn't Moved Forward With Divorce Amid Vincent Herbert's Pregnant Mistress Scandal

Someone needs to go check in with Tamar Braxton. Any volunteers?

It seems that she isn’t going to be finalizing her divorce from Vincent Herbert anytime soon. HMMMM?

“Tamar knows that Vince will fight the divorce as long as he needs to and that is a battle that she isn’t sure she wants to completely take on right now. Vince hasn’t even responded to her initial court filing and that tells her where his mindset is,” an insider dished to

“One day he’s the best husband and father in the world, and the next she doesn’t want to be near him.”

That’s healthy.

Also, wasn’t he just arrested for spousal abuse? And the whole maybe impregnating another woman thing? And other all of the other rumored issues? That’s all just under the rug now, we guess…

“But she knows how much he cares for their son and ultimately, that’s what’s important to her is making sure Logan has as normal of a life as possible,” they noted. 

“She’s been approached by multiple outlets to tell her story on television and update the world on what’s going on with her and her family, but she isn’t ready to do that just yet and is enjoying her time with her family and her son.”

We hate to see families in distress but our thoughts are with #TamarBraxton. Her divorce is pending with #VincentHerbert as more details are revealed about his misdemeanor arrest and news that he is expecting his second child.
Oh, honey. Also, isn’t that kind of what the reality show is for?

"Nothing is for publicity" #TamarBraxton speaks publicly for the first time about #divorce. (#BraxtonFamilyValues #BFV #TamarAndVince #VincentHerbert
Before Tamar deleted her Instagram, she posted, “Vincent Herbert is having a baby and his [expletive] decided to let me know about it tonight”

She also denied that she and Vincent were getting back together, writing, “NOPE! Sorry! Not together but since the craziness the other day, we DID agree to create a better environment for my son!!! Angry or not…it’s about my SON!!.” 

She continued, “P.s. we ALSO agreed not to speak on this anymore in public after this! My son can read and he’s NOT dumb #2018goals #praymystrengthinthelord.”
#TamarBraxton confirms that she and #VinceHerbert are not together, but they are creating a better environment for their son (view earlier post)

After news of the split started making the rounds, her rep told People, “At this time we can confirm Ms. Braxton has made an extremely difficult decision and has filed for divorce from Vincent Herbert. Collectively, their son Logan and his well-being during this extremely unfortunate process is most important. We ask that everyone respects her privacy during this incredibly difficult time. She appreciates everyone’s love and prayers.”

Tamar Braxton has gone off socialmedia two days after blasting her estranged husband for allegedly impregnating his side chick. In a turn of events,she vowed not to discuss on the subject publicly, for the sake of her son.However,she has shocked fans by totally deleting her Instagram page. Many are also worried about her mental state. #rumorbus #tamarbraxton #sidechickdrama

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