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Tamar Braxton May Get Booted Off Xscape Tour Over Recent Antics Including Trying To Team Up With Khia To Expose Ex-BFF Toya Wright

Tamar Braxton recently caused controversy with her decision to invite Khia and Ts Madison of the web series "The Queens Court" to perform during her set on Xscape's tour. Tamar's plan was shut down by Kandi Burruss, but there are reports her actions may get her booted from the tour altogether!

There are rumors circulating that Tamar teamed up with Khia and Madison to take down their mutual enemy, Toya Wright. 

The web series hosts recently got into a spat on social media with Toya after they made rude comments about the reality star's pregnancy.

That resulted in Toya and her daughter with Lil Wayne, Reginae Carter, responding to Khia's comments on social media. Things got ugly!

Kandi, who is friends with Toya, reportedly stepped in to put a stop to Tamar and Khia's shady plans.

Tamar tried to bring out Khia and Ts Madison to shade Toya Wright during the Xscape tour last night, but Kandi stopped them! Ts Madison has since released her side of th estory and blasted the person who had them "removed:" #tsmadison #khia #thequeenscourt #tamar #tamarbraxton #xscape #kandiburruss #kandi #thegreatxscapetour #celebrities #celebritynews #celebritygossip #celebritytea #tea #shade #rhoa #realhousewivesofatlanta #toyawright #toyacarter 

Burruss' close friend and business partner, Don Juan, shed a little more light on the situation on social media. He also claimed on Instagram that Tamar’s actions may result in her being kicked off the tour.

Wow! @colormenae is killin it in this pic! @toyawright you raised a beautiful boss!

Don took to social media to write, "Actually they were Tamar's special hues. But Tamar never got it cleared, had she tried to get it cleared she would have known it was not going to happen. The fact of the matter is, Kandi watched the show and was highly upset at the fact that Ts Madison and Khia said her private part was wide as all outdoors! And also, when  Khia had those remarks about Toya and her daughter and mother. They were hilarious, but they are friends at the end of the day."

He goes on to break down what happened the night of the Atlanta show.

Don shared, "So when I see Khia and Madison, I was alerted to quickly have them not enter onto the stage! Had they not have went in on Kandi, Excape [sic], Toya and  Trina all of who are friends then Khia could have graced the stage because Kandi loved Khia until that point. Now she wants nothing to do with her or Madison. And Tamar is likely not to be asked to perform again."

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