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Bye Vince: Tamar Braxton Spotted Getting Cozy In Photos With A New Man And We Have Questions

Tamar, Tamar, Tamar.

Who is he?!

Does Tamar Braxton have a new beau in her life? Maybe.

Based off of snaps posted to TheShaderoom’s Instagram, the answer is probably yes. She can be seen in them cuddling up next to a man with dreads. His identity wasn’t revealed though...

They are both in relaxed clothing and the body language is everything as there’s very little space between the two.

Back to her bleach blonde wigs, the two are standing in front of a building having a fascinating conversation.

Okay, Tamar! We see you. 

Peek at the photos and then come tell us what you think. 

One of our roommates says she spotted #TamarBraxton outside of a restaurant yesterday! 👀👀 Okay #Tamar ! 📷: @gett2knowme

C'mon, people of the world wide web. Do your detective work and tell us who he is! Commentators on TheShaderoom’s IG page were quick to point to the fact that the tall man with long braids resembles Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Eric Benét.

Safe to assume that she she is finally moving on from estranged husband Vince Herbert?

A few months ago, MTONews claimed that Tamar had been spotted acting pretty lovey-dovey with a dude.

"It was Tamar and another guy. They definitely looked like they were together."

"I think Tamar was driving Vince's car too. That lady is cold."


Tamar and Vincent reportedly decided to call it quits on their nearly nine year long marriage in October 2017.

Her rep told, “At this time we can confirm Ms. Braxton has made an extremely difficult decision and has filed for divorce from Vincent Herbert. Collectively, their son Logan and his well-being during this extremely unfortunate process is most important. We ask that everyone respects her privacy during this incredibly difficult time. She appreciates everyone’s love and prayers.”

Accusations about money issues, domestic abuse and cheating soon whirled around, but the two seem to be keeping it relatively civil for the sake of their son now. Good.


Have you been keeping up with all of the recent drama surrounding Braxton Family Values, by the way?

Tamar, Toni, Towanda, Traci, Trina and Evelyn are reportedly refusing to return to work until Magical Elves production and WE TV renegotiate their contracts They feel their wardrobe and travel funds are incredibly low and their pay needs to be raised to an "acceptable" level. 

An insider stated that Evelyn and her daughters are taking a stand. Another noted that the show was scheduled to begin filming the second part of the sixth season in Atlanta a few weeks back. But Traci was the only one who showed up!

So, what is your read on Tamar's love life these days?

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