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WATCH: Toni Braxton Shades Tamar & Her "Animations" During Braxton Family Intervention With Iyanla Vanzant

Um, someone needs to step in and sort out the Braxton family drama. Not Iyanla Vanzant though, because she already tried and it did not help matters at all.

It sounds like it was a real mess, all around. 

As we told you recently, the Braxton Sisters not named Traci have ended their walk-out for season 6 to tape the season finale with Iyanla .

The Fix My Life host was brought in to help repair the severed relationships of Traci, Trina, Toni, Towanda, Tamar and their parents, Evelyn and Michael. 

Entertainment Tonight shared photos from the set with the family in a half circle as they opened up about issues.

Reportedly, the siblings’ decision to try group therapy with Iyanla did more harm than help.

In one clip that’s already surfaced from the taping, Toni shares that she is often unhappy with the level of animation Tamar exudes when she attempts to relay a story. 

“The show was completely different and then it turned it into a dramatic shenanigan, example of a family,” Tamar says, before offering up an example of how she felt the editors manipulated footage from the show.

“I wish my sister could narrate without all the expressions,” Toni then interjected. 

“Is that the person or is that the performance?,” Iyanla asked, before Toni replied that it is how Tamar has been since “infancy”.


“How does that make you feel when you see that?,” Iyanla then pressed, which led to Toni revealing that she is disappointed that Tamar has to be animated to express herself.

“That’s not a nice thing to feel,” Toni eventually admitted. “I know. Not at all,” Iyanla agreed.

But Tamar said it was “okay” when Toni apologized. Aw.

“I feel disappointed that [Tamar] has to be animated to express herself” - #ToniBraxton on #TamarBraxton (#iyanlavanzant #fixmylife #bfv)

This is not the first time a Braxton sister has worked with Iyanla. Trina sat down with her ex-husband Gabe to discuss the issues in their marriage, their bumpy divorce and the relationship Gabe has with their sons. At the time, Iyanla alluded to the fact that the way Trina handled her dynamic with Gabe could be traced back to what she saw her mother do with her father; this sparked something in Trina and she walked out of the room.

So, do you think that Toni’s comment about Tamar was unnecessary and rude? Or is she well within her rights to speak up about how her sister speaks and behaves?

For the record, Tamar just confirmed that she stormed off set after Iyanla supposedly responded to the revelation that Tamar had molested multiple times by family members by “shaming” the reality star. Yikes.

The two-part Season finale of Braxton Family Values with Iyanla Vanzant airs on Thursday, Sept, 27 and Thursday, Oct. 4 at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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