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The Business Entrepreneur That Tamar Braxton Reportedly Cheated On Husband Vincent Herbert With Has Been Identified — Photos

Tamar Braxton made the decision to delete her Instagram page back in January, after dragging her estranged husband Vincent Herbert for allegedly cheating and getting a mistress pregnant. Tamar has now made her return to Instagram and has followed the man she has been accused of carrying on an affair with!

In early January, an unidentified woman come forward to claim that Tamar had been cheating on Vincent during their marriage with a man named Rikk.

The mystery woman even came with receipts, which included outing Tamar's alleged 'secret' Instagram account.

The woman stated that Rikk had hooked up with Tamar years ago during her marriage to Vince. However, the affair ended after he was arrested on a drug charge and served six years in prison. 

The woman revealed that Rikk was in love with Tamar and vowed to win her back upon his release from prison.

She claimed that Tamar had been attempting to play the role of a victim and accusing Vincent of cheating, while she was doing the same thing.

The anonymous woman stated that Rikk bragged to her about his affair with Tamar, adding that the singer told him she was divorcing Vincent. 

An insider said that Rikk even joined Tamar on her tour with Xscape. The source said, "She’s been happy, having great shows, and hasn’t been stressed out."
Both were in the Chi recently too😌

An insider claimed that Vincent found out about the affair, which is why he freaked out and wound up behind bars over the Christmas holidays. 
Zaddy💖💓💙 @smartmoneyrikk

The "Braxton Family Values" totally deleted her Instagram account in January, after she claimed that Vincent had impregnated his mistress.
Repost By hollywoodunlocked: HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @Kecia.Kae Well, it’s been some day. #TamarBraxton decided to let the cat out of the bag and expose her estranged husband #VincentHerbert for impregnating another woman. And what makes things even more shocking is the woman who was mentioned as the possible baby mother to the producer: #LauraGovan. _____________________________________________________________________ While things are not exactly clear on who’s the actual baby moms, Laura is making it known that she is not the one and is actually blaming her ex #GilbertArenas for all of this. ____________________________________________________________________ The reality star spoke with TMZ and shared she's not a homewrecker or the "whore" who allegedly got pregnant by Tamar's ex. She goes on and tells the gossip site that she never been with Vince, nor is she pregnant and she's actually in a happy relationship with someone else. ____________________________________________________________________ More on in bio) (via #Grab @AppKottage)

Tamar appeared to insinuate that former "Basketball Wives L.A." star, Laura Govan, was the other woman. Govan and Herbert both denied the accusations.

Braxton, who filed for divorce from Herbert in October, reportedly celebrated New Year's Eve with her estranged hubby. Fans were curious if the couple had reconciled.

Tamar took to social media to write, "NOPE! Sorry! Not together but since the craziness the other day, we DID agree to create a better environment for my son!!" 

The singer added, "P.s. we ALSO agreed not to speak on this anymore in public after this! My son can read and he's NOT dumb #2018goals #praymystrengthinthelord I've made LOTS of mistakes and I'm just trying to be a better person."

#TamarBraxton confirms that she and #VinceHerbert are not together, but they are creating a better environment for their son (view earlier post)

Shortly after her post, Braxton deleted her Instagram account. 

Welp! #TamarBraxton went and hopped off the 'Gram! We're just two days into 2018 😩 #distewmuch

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