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Tamar Braxton Shares Heartbreaking Family Secret To Wendy Williams That Is Bringing Fans To Tears — Video


Get ready to bawl a bit.

Tamar Braxton swung by to chat with Wendy Williams recently. Details of the pre-taped interview have hit the media and the singer allegedly made a heartbreaking revelation that left both Wendy and the audience members shocked.

Well, the Braxton sisters recently made an appearance on “Iyanla Fix My Life” and whatever happened only made the situation worse. It was even rumored that the siblings stormed out during the sit-down session. Yikes.

TMZ claims that while on “The Wendy Williams Show” the host asked the singer/reality star about her experience with Iyanla Vanzant and why she walked out.

Tamar revealed that she had been molested as a child… by both sides of her family.

How horrible!

 “We’re told Wendy pressed her and that’s when Tamar revealed she’d been molested by members of both sides of her family. Our sources say both Wendy and the audience were stunned.”

It is unclear whether the visit with Iyanla triggered the traumatic memory, or if Tamar just felt comfortable enough to share this with Wendy because they are close off-screen, as well.

The interview was taped on September 12 (air on September 13th); the gossip expert didn’t press for any details and Tamar didn’t name any names. The “Iyanla Fix My Life” episode is set to premiere later this month.

Many believe that Traci Braxton was the one who pushed the sisters to do family therapy, again, due to the fact that she felt she was being shunned by the others.

All of the sisters, with the exception of Traci, opted not to show up for taping of “Braxton Family Values” because they seem to have wanted bigger paychecks and an increase for their wardrobe budget.

Traci brought some famous friends into the mix to try to fill the void and keep the show on-track which has earned interesting reactions across the board. Including Tamar, as it so happens.

Oh and Tamar also talked about the status of her relationship with her estranged husband, Vincent. Sources claim she also admitted that she was seeing a new man. But we all knew that already, right?

Wendy Williams, got to meet Tamar’s new boo, and described him as “African, he’s in wealth finance, he’s got dreads … he’s got a really nice body.”

One of our roommates says she spotted #TamarBraxton outside of a restaurant yesterday! 👀👀 Okay #Tamar ! 📷: @gett2knowme
When Tamar was asked how she met her new boyfriend, she dished: “I met him at a friend’s birthday party, thank you God, he’s so fine! I can’t take it sometimes. It’s like a whole snack — a Lunchable! He lives in L.A., he’s originally from Nigeria, but he lived here for a while.”

Cheeky #NewMan: #TamarBraxton nearly catches the #HolyGhost gushing over her new #Bae —a #Harvard man—with #WendyWilliams 👅👅👅👅👅👅 . #Tay says she’s #InLove after only #Dating him for #3 months 👀👀 . . #Celebrity #Shade #Blog #HipHop . #Video #PressPlay #Tamar #TamarBraxton #Braxtons #BFV #BraxtonFamilyValues #Wendy #WendyShow #WendyWilliams #WendyWilliamsShow #Iyanla #Boyfriend #BoyfriendAndGirlfriend #Love #SweetCheeks #RelationshipGoals.

Kudos to Tamar for speaking up about such a heartbreaking experience. We’re sending you lots of love, Tamar!

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