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Tamar Braxton Deletes Her Instagram And Vows To Take A New Approach to Handling Divorce Drama With Vince Herbert

Uh, there is no way that Tamar Braxton will be able to stay off social media for long.

Mark our words.

Tamar and Vincent are making waves. Who would have thought that their divorce wasn’t going to put an end to all of the drama? Like, not even counting all those secret love child rumors, it’s been a disaster. Domestic abuse claims flying everywhere.

TMZ recently spotted them traveling together at LAX. To be fair, he is involved in the Xscape tour (Vincent Is The Manager of Xscape and Tamar Braxton is their opening act).

Tamar quickly took to Instagram to clarify their relationship, writing, “NOPE! Sorry! Not together but since the craziness the other day, we DID agree to create a better environment for my son!!! Angry or not…it’s about my SON!!.” She continued, “P.s. we ALSO agreed not to speak on this anymore in public after this! My son can read and he’s NOT dumb #2018goals #praymystrengthinthelord.”

#TamarBraxton confirms that she and #VinceHerbert are not together, but they are creating a better environment for their son (view earlier post)

She then went ahead and deleted her account. 

Welp! #TamarBraxton went and hopped off the 'Gram! We're just two days into 2018 😩 #distewmuch


We wonder whether this has anything to do with her getting dragged for allegedly trying to to team up with Khia & Ts Madison  to embarrass ex-BFF Toya Wright at the Xscape concert in Atlanta a few days ago? 

Ts Madison explained some of that supposed situation, dishing on Instagram, "Well it was about to be an EPIC NIGHT being apart of my girl @tamarbraxton show tonite!! But seems like #TheQueensCourt gets under them other [expletive] skin."

"#TheQueensCourt was a guest of Tamar’s show tonite… The XSCAPE [expletive] told security we had weapons in an attempt to get us kicked out… Vince stepped in… We got dressed and were waiting to go on with Tamar… I’m assuming the xscspe [sic] girls wanted us gone and we didn’t leave so they continued to press down on Tamar so she could not do the performance with us."

"Vince asked us if we wanted to stay and watch the show and We said No… we not here for them [expletive] we here for Tamar and left in our limousine that was taken care by Tamar and Vince." 

Photo of Vince Herbert speaking with @therealtsmadison And @khiathugmisses after the decision was made not to allow them on stage with Tamar.

Or Tamar could have decided that she didn’t want to deal with people pestering her over whether or not her split with Vincent was/is all a publicity ploy? Many have wondered.

Flick of @tamarbraxton on #thegreatxscapetour in ATL💙💛 #tamarbraxton
She’s denied this a few times already. She actually recently tweeted, “And for ANYONE to think were faking this. Is so beyond me. This is hard for me to rewatch and live. Lord.”

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