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Tamar Braxton Reveals Secret Health Battle And Calls Out WE tv Amid ‘Braxton Family Values’ Going On Hiatus

It’s been a while since we have checked in with Tamar Braxton, come to think of it

What is she up to?

While going through old pictures at her mother’s house, Tamar stumbled upon an old picture of her from a time where she was battling body dysmorphia quite intensely. In it, she was thin but, at the time, she felt far from it, noting that the obsession with her appearance started when she was just 11-years-old.

“I STILL struggle with body dysmorphia to THIS DAY all because a record executive told me I was too fat at 11 to be more of a “commercial “ artist.. only to end up having BIG R&B hits TODAY!!!,” she penned on Instagram.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America notes that body dysmorphic disorder is “characterized by persistent and intrusive preoccupations with an imagined or slight defect in one’s appearance”; it affects 1 in 50 people in the general population.

Tamar went on to relate her battle with body dysphoria with executives telling her and her sisters that they were too perfect to compete with other reality shows like Love & Hip Hop. (This is shade at We tv, the home of her reality shows.) 

She then offered up some words of wisdom for others struggling with their self-worth.

“I say all that to say people will try to turn you into whatever they want you to be for their benefit! When are you going to be who YOU truly are for your OWN benefit? We put ourselves through hell to be however someone else see’s us.”

See her post in full below:

Good for her for speaking up about this! Reminded us a bit of when she opened up about her decision to shave off her hair.

She had captioned a snap of herself, “finally free” (with Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative playing the background), before sharing another selfie, in which she used a cute filter.

✂️ finally free

Tamar explained, “Im over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s comments & opinions hell...even my OWN feelings! WE can choose to stop these things from having the power and victory over us!! And for me, that starts TODAY 🤸🏾♀️ #happysttamarsday 🍀”.

(Her later comments on this topic kind of cancelled out our enthusiasm but, hey, Tamar can do whatever she wants.)

In case you missed it, It looks like the future of “Braxton Family Values” is currently up in the air.

The taping for the sixth season of show has been shut down indefinitely after the stars refused to film for the second half of the season. The Braxton ladies want to renegotiate their contract due to their low pay.

Tamar, Toni, Towanda, Traci, Trina and mom Evelyn are reportedly refusing to return to work until Magical Elves production and WE TV renegotiate their contracts. Apparently, their wardrobe and travel funds are incredibly low and their pay needs to be raised to an "acceptable" level. 

What do you think about Tamar’s confession about battling body dysmorphia?

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