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Watch: Tamar Braxton Breaks Silence About Vincent Herbert Divorce During Concert

Tamar Braxton addressed her split with Vincent Herbert after nine years of marriage over the weekend. The singer halted her performance to tell the crowd how she really feels.

The "Braxton Family Values" star has remained pretty quiet about the details surrounding her divorce. However, her mother Evelyn has had plenty to say. Evelyn claims that Vincent was abusive to her daughter during the marriage. 

Braxton told the crowd about the reason behind her divorce during her set on The Great Xscape Tour. She stated, "What I also do not have time for is being with someone who does not appreciate me."

The singer adds, "Let me tell you something, I ain't finna waste my time with somebody who think my time is not valuable."
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Tamar also told the crowd, "We are getting a divorce. It’s not a publicity stunt. I mean, but here is the thing, okay, I’ma need you to appreciate the woman that you have in front of you. Okay? Because sometimes you want things to work so doggone bad that you turn a blind eye to situations that you know ain’t right."

She went on to explain, "You put up with things you be like ‘[expletive] i love this dude I’m just gone stick it out.’ Lies. That last time be the last time."
Past. Present. Future.🐦

Braxton's latest remarks on her divorce during her performance led to a fan admonishing her for discussing her personal life. 
I’m beyond Grateful and humbled. To God be the Glory for all of his blessings and love. 🙏🏽 Even when I think he’s forgotten about me he ALWAYS shows up and shows OUT EVERYTIME!💞

Braxton made it clear she had time to set the fan straight. She also clapped back at the fan's comments about her appearance.
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Tamar responded by writing, "Sis I’m actually sitting down (using my own lingo) that you are repeating by the way and speaking my truth. When you get your OWN and courage to tell yours ….raw and UNcut I don’t want to see you beat. I want to see you as a woman who did her own makeup and trying to figure out her own tour ….finding her own way Life. AND career. So how about you pray for me to look how you want me to …cuz either way inside and out is a mess. but I’m Not Afraid or ashamed to admit it so the chair my love is actually yours. the stadium I played at last night and have several waiting for you."
Nashville was AMAZING last night! Let's see what Charlotte has tonight!!! #addalittlesugar 📷 cred @CRoy615

Tamar and Vincent have continued to film their reality show, "Tamar & Vince", which will document their split. 

Braxton has hinted at the problems in their relationship previously, also appearing to throw shade at her estranged husband on social media.

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