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T.I. Gets Blasted For Forcing Tiny & Xscape To Cancel Interview Featuring Reporters Affiliated To Floyd Mayweather— Video

T.I. has been accused of being the person responsible for putting the brakes on an Xscape interview, according to Hollywood Unlocked. Did T.I. really put a stop to wife Tiny Harris' band interview due to the gossip site's affiliation with his nemesis, Floyd Mayweather?

Jason Lee is claiming that Tip was responsible for Xscape backing out of their previously scheduled interview on Jan. 11. 

Lee explained, "… Yesterday, many of you know that we were promoting that we’re going to be interviewing Xscape. We were so excited. We were called and asked if we wanted to interview Xscape. We were told all four girls were showing up. We got to the studio fully prepared, research, watched tons of interviews. I even called TS Madison to find out what happen with the Queens Court being kicked out of their show. And, they show up without Kandi and they left without doing the interview."

Lee continued, "The reason I was given is that T.I. did not want Tiny or her group to do the interview because of our affiliation with Floyd Mayweather."
T.I Gets Blasted For Allegedly Canceling Xscape's Interview At 'Hollywood Unlocked' Because Of Their Affiliation With Floyd Mayweather! #FloydMayweather, #TI, #Tiny, #Xscape

Lee adds, "Now this is ironic because Floyd told me that he and T.I. ran into each other recently and peaced [sic] it up. So, I’m confused T.I. Why get in the way with the interview with the girls?….This is probably why Kandi is no longer in the group. Either way I lost a lot of respect for Xscape. The show must go on!"

Watch Below: 

Tiny and Floyd Mayweather were rumored to have hooked up in the past and T.I. has made it clear he doesn't like the boxer. 

Floyd previously claimed he had sex with Tiny, later denying they were anything more than friends. 

Many of you may recall that Mayweather and Tip got into a brawl at a restaurant in Las Vegas years ago.

Fans of T.I. and Tiny watched as the couple confronted one another about cheating during the final season of their reality show.

Caption This ! @troubleman31 & #TinyHarris at #KeishaLanceBottoms event #theofficialteabook ☕️

The Xscape singer told her husband, "I ain't intertwining my soul with no [expletive] body. It's totally different from what you're doing."T.I. certainly didn't deny cheating, but he also lashed out at his estranged wife for hanging out with "a dude he's at odds with." 

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Tip doesn't come out and name Floyd Mayweather Jr., but it's pretty obvious who he is referring to in the conversation.

Tip accused Tiny of hanging out at a man's house and dancing with him knowing he has beef with the guy. The rapper says, "You done had yo [expletive] where you was out with this [expletive] dude you know I don't [expletive] with." Tiny responds, "As a couple?"

He then says, "You was at his house. You was in his house..."

Tiny replies, "When? We wasn't together! Don't speak on it as though you know what you're talking about like, 'I know 100% she slept with [redacted].' How do you know that? Cause you seen me dancing? You don't know...If he can come and treat me like a woman..."

Tiny brings up the fact that she actually introduced Tip to the girl he cheated on her with. She said, "Uh, excuse me, but you were with a girl that you met through me. Is that any better?," with Tip replying, "Were you at odds with her?"” 

Floyd Mayweather previously discussed Tiny during his "Hollywood Unlocked" interview.

Mayweather stated, "I never been with her. Never tried to be with her. She’s only been nothing but a cool person that I know…Did she ever like me? I believe so. But she was married and I respected that."

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