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T.I.'s Mother Shades Tiny And Goes Off On The Internet Amid New Cheating Video — Receipts Inside

We’re pretty sure that T.I. & Tiny aren’t too happy that their marriage is once again under the microscope after yet another controversy.

The two VH1 stars aren’t in the best place right now, thanks to a clip of T.I. getting cozy with another woman not named Tiny backstage going very viral last week.

The video even caused his two youngest sons (King & Major) to feel some type of way about their father (We’ll get into that shortly.) 

But Tip’s mother Violeta Morgan is still on his team. Of course.

With the internet calling out T.I. for creeping on Tiny once again, Ms. Violeta is not having it and set out to defend him on Social Media with the following post. 

This is how I feel about relationships! Let Go and Let God!👏🏽👼🏽

It got more messy when a commenter brought her criticism of T.I. to his mom’s page and Ms. Morgan dragged her to Hades. 

Violeta also suggested that Tiny let it go when it comes to the cheating scandal, when she shared a photo from her granddaughter's birthday party, captioning it, "Had a great time last night out with my granddaughter Deyjay for her 17th bday. I only wish Tameka, King, Major, Nik Nik and Heiress had been there. Life is too short! We must enjoy every moment that we can! Lord knows that I love my family and cherish every chance I get to be with all of them!”

TI's mom says life is too short and Tiny needs to enjoy her family!

Uh, Tip himself seems to have admitted to fooling around on his wife.

His cheating video went viral days before Father's Day and obviously didn't go over well with his children. They decided to hang out with Tiny instead of celebrating Father's Day with their dad. 

He recently noted that his sons were angry that he hurt their mother, explaining, "Major and King are with their momma and they ain’t rocking with me right now."

“No matter what wherever you at I don’t [care] about that gossip y’all talking about, any time anybody need me I’m there. It don’t matter, for who, for what, any time anybody need me I’m always there."

😩 #T.I. says he didn’t get to spend fathers day with all of his kids because they were with their momma #TinyHarris, and “they ain’t rocking with him right now” 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ Then he vented a little to his fans....😕

What else?

An insider recently opened up about Tiny’s mindset, saying, "Seeing Tip look so comfortable with this other, younger woman, was a knife in her heart."

"Tiny feels so defeated and blindsided because she really believed that this kind of BS was in their past."

Another source shared, confessing, "Tiny’s not letting Tip slide anymore. She has a lot of thinking to do and she’s got to decide if she can continue to share her bed with a man who disrespects her; Or, if she finally kicks Tip to the curb once and for all."

"She wants her space to figure things out… She is taking her time to figure out what is right for her and her family. He’s back in the doghouse right now, big time."

Cheeky #UhOh: #TIP caught getting #Distracted by a #woman other than his #Wife 👀👀 . #TI #Tiny #TroubleMan #FamilyHustle #Husband #Wife #XScape #HusbandAndWife #TinyHarris #MajorGirl #HipHop melionmusicEvery day I come a

Do you think that Tiny will finally leave T.I.? We sincerely doubt it. Besides, she seems pretty busy trading barbs with strategic “likes” to get back at Asia'h Epperson, who, to be fair, is giving as good as she gets.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest in T.I.’s cheating scandal. 

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