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WATCH: T.I. Spills His Own Tea Amidst Cheating Video Scandal As Alleged Side Chick Is Identified

As we all know by now, Clifford “T.I.” Harris has caused quite the stir on social media as of late. 

…And because if it, the rapper has reportedly landed himself in hot water with his whole family.

T.I. was caught on video cozying up to a woman not named Tiny Harris, who many claim is "Greenleaf" star Asia'h Epperson.

The rapper was filmed backstage at his Indiana show on June 16 by a fan who posted it on Snap Chat. Tip is shown slapping the woman's booty before leaning in and kissing her on her neck.

The cheating video added insult to injury after coming on the heels of Tip's 'anti marriage' post.

Cheeky #UhOh: #TIP caught getting #Distracted by a #woman other than his #Wife 👀👀 . #TI #Tiny #TroubleMan #FamilyHustle #Husband #Wife #XScape #HusbandAndWife #TinyHarris #MajorGirl #HipHop
T.I. shared a post that many found disrespectful to Tiny, which stated marriage offers nothing to men these days. 

#TI shared a post today explaining that he understands why some men won’t marry certain women. It looks like his wife #Tiny had some opinions of her own 👀

Tip's cheating video went viral days before Father's Day and obviously didn't go over well with his children. They decided to hang out with their mother instead of celebrating Father's Day with their dad. 

He addressed that fact in an Instagram video that shows him surrounded by fans, who were asking him about his children. 

T.I. admitted his sons were angry that he hurt their mother, stating, "Major and King are with their momma and they ain’t rocking with me right now."

The rapper continued filming as he addressed the rumors circulating about him. "No matter what wherever you at I don’t [care] about that gossip y’all talking about, any time anybody need me I’m there. It don’t matter, for who, for what, any time anybody need me I’m always there."

Watch him address it below: 

😩 #T.I. says he didn’t get to spend fathers day with all of his kids because they were with their momma #TinyHarris, and “they ain’t rocking with him right now” 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ Then he vented a little to his fans....😕

Sources close to Tiny reveal that Tip's most recent antics may be the final nail in the coffin for their marriage.

A source revealed, "Seeing Tip look so comfortable with this other, younger woman, was a knife in her heart."
Family Love!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ #TinyHarris x #TI x #Zonnique Posted by: @sexceeonassis

The insider continued, "Tiny feels so defeated and blindsided because she really believed that this kind of BS was in their past."

There have been rumors swirling for years about Tip's cheating ways, but Tiny remained in the marriage and tried to work things out to keep their family intact.

Another source said, "Tiny’s not letting Tip slide anymore. She has a lot of thinking to do and she’s got to decide if she can continue to share her bed with a man who disrespects her; Or, if she finally kicks Tip to the curb once and for all."

Nothing more pure than a mother’s love💗 #TinyHarris and her babygirl Heiress

Tiny is taking time for herself right now and told Tip to find another place to sleep. 

The insider dished, "She wants her space to figure things out… She is taking her time to figure out what is right for her and her family. He’s back in the doghouse right now, big time."

T.I.'s alleged mistress, Asia’h Epperson, has shared several statement on Instagram about the reports.

The former "American Idol" contestant said that those spreading lies have nothing better to do. She adds that the rumors won't affect her, adding that she will love her haters anyway. 
@troubleman31 mistress speaks out🤦🏽♀️She says that the situation is not that big of a deal. @majorgirl put a freeze on those accounts , he paying sis 😆#hiphop #relationshipgoals #cliffordharris #tinyharris #cheaters #thotsbelike

Do you think Tiny will leave T.I. for sure this time?

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