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TDE's First Lady SZA Reveals Medical Issue That Has Put Her Singing Career At “Permanent” Risk — Video

After returning to the TDE tour, SZA is sharing that her voice might be permanently damaged after 11 grueling months of touring.


Last week, the amazing musician took a brief departure from the "TDE Championship Tour", due to her swollen vocal chords. 

TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith said as much on his social media, explaining that “her vocal cords are swollen and she has to rest her voice to prevent any permanent damage. We been monitoring her close and this is the reason she missed the Arizona and New Mexico dates."

“She’ll see the doctor again in a few days and I’ll update you guys on her status. As for the dates she missed, we’ll figure out a way to make it up to you guys. -Top Dawg,” the statement concluded.

Championship Tour update...

SZA also shared the message on her Instagram account, adding her own message in the caption.

“For anyone who hasn’t seen this . I’ve been touring for 11 months. This didn’t happen overnight . I've been troubleshooting for a while now and Usually steroids and pushing through help. They don’t this time,” she wrote.

“I’m not sick my voice just won’t [expletive] work😔 🤷🏾♀️. If I don’t pause now I’ll be forced to pause permanently . I’m genuinely sorry for every face,voice ,and energy field I won’t be touching!” she continued.

SZA also tweeted an apology to her fans after she couldn’t make several tour dates.

“The guilt of letting down people that u Love is unreal . I’m connected to y’all like family . My actual energy exchange partners. This reminds me of the time I left my mom at botanical gardens by accident,” she wrote.

Well Tuesday night, SZA came back on-stage at New York City’s Madison Square Garden for the latest stop. And it seems she isn’t happy with her vocals right now.

“My voice is permanently injured,” she tweeted (she later deleted these). “Tonight was the test. That settles that. 👍🏾” She later added, “I jus wanna be left alone my priorities are [expletive] up. They been [expletive] up. I need space goodbye.”

Check out her now-gone tweets below:

Maybe we're listening too hard but after watching the clip of her recent performance, It does seem like she's struggling a bit.
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Oh no! We really hope that she is okay. So talented! She sure has a way of using emotions to sharpen already-stellar lyrics, right?
@i_d cover story . shot by the remarkable @petrafcollins 💕🙏🏾🌸

The “All The Stars” singer was nominated for five Grammy Awards earlier this year, including for best new artist — making her the year’s most Grammy-nominated woman.

Still can’t feel my pinky toe 😊🤷🏾‍♀️ thank you again @voguemagazine @versace and @instagram for this insane honor 🙏🏾🌸

We’re Sending our love and well wishes to SZA! 

Hopefully the “permanent” damage is a misdiagnosis or something.  Rest up, missy!

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